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Wanted: Graphic/Screenshot tips

What Visual Enhancements do you use?

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Starting Adventurer
Howdy all,
So I am always looking for ways to improve screenshots and maximize the beauty of Minecraft in general. I personally use optifine, shader mods, and HD resource packs all the time. I see quite a few impressive screenshots on this forum that outstrip all of my efforts. I was wondering if anyone has any other tips to make Minecraft even more beautiful?

Another question. MCME has many beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, the view-distance property is set too low to allow a player to see a large amount of the map. Currently, Minecraft quites rendering chunks after the server stops sending updates. I have been looking for a mod that allows the Minecraft client to cache outdated chunks in memory for the sole reason of rendering so the player can see further. Does anyone know of a mod that allows this?

If you have a tip, let me know. I eventually might write a tutorial on maximizing one's graphic experience.


Hardcore MCME-er
I personally couldn't be bothered to also install optifine while installing shaders, minimap, macromod and mineshot.
Apart from macromod and mineshot, I don't particularly like the feel of HD resource packs but this is just personal opinion.
When it comes to screenshots, it's mostly important to try new shaders, try different lighting and viewpoints and experiment. I think the type of shader you use can sometimes have the most variety.