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Minecraft Username : WardenWolf
Date Joined : 02 May 2014
Themed Build participated in: Edhellond
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: http://imgur.com/a/f6xdO
What is your prefered building style?: I like to build Gondorian architecture. I also enjoy creating the subtlety and complex shapes of Elven structures.
Why I believe I would make a good artist: I pay close attention to the subtleties of design, and look for incongruities or things that simply do not match a given setting. For example, I always walk the floor of structure. If I encounter something that makes it awkward to move around, it means it would be awkward for someone who actually lived there, too. They would have moved it, and so do I. Or a rich-looking structure that has an unsafe stairway that looks straight out of a barn. I make sure everything "works" and fits the style of what I am trying to portray.

Other MCME work:


I patterned my implemented Minas Tirith house after my earlier Osgo Freebuild house, using my favorite design elements while improving upon others. After it was implemented in a lakeside location, I requested a small modification, removing the planters intended to provide privacy from a city street in favor of an open view of the lake. I try to avoid too much clutter on the interior because I am trying to create something people would want to live in. The open area on the first floor makes it feel more like a home.

Minecraft builds from other servers:


I regained access to the world containing Wolf Manor and was able to get Creative mode to provide some better screenshots. Note that this was built on a survival world, with monsters enabled. If the lighting seems excessive, that is why. I didn't want a creeper coming for dinner ;). It also was built before upside-down stairs were available. All materials were legitimately mined and placed by hand without the benefit of flight.

The Iowa-class battleship was built on my own creative server, Ethercraft, in Minecraft 1.0. It is built to .6 scale because, at that scale, things look best from the outside while still allowing you to portray much of the interior. Anything larger and the 5-inch guns could not be modeled right. Anything smaller and you do not have an interior. The build took around two months to complete. The texture pack is custom, using my own military grey textures mixed with a variety of others borrowed from other packs.
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