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Canceled Waterice_man artist application

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Date: Joined 9th September

Jobs and Plotbuilds:
I can't remember all of them, but here's a shot:
  • Belfalas streams with Mr Pants
  • Assorted work on a village north of Rohan with thomasd18 (2 jobs)
  • Work on fields in Edhellond with JonatanKnalle (who was acting as foreman)

Themed Builds:

Brandywine Bridge (257, 35163)


Although this isn't as fancy as some other builds, I took pains to ensure accuracy with Tolkien's literature. Built as the 'Bridge of Stonebows' by the Men of Arnor, it was then maintained by the hobbits for several centuries. The gates were not installed until after Frodo left on his journey.

Beorn's Hall (-219, 35421)

2018-10-01_21.32.23.png 2018-10-01_21.32.32.png 2018-10-01_21.32.47.png 2018-10-01_21.33.01.png 2018-10-01_21.33.17.png 2018-10-01_21.34.08.png

Not my best build (I was rather busy that week). I again took pains to ensure accuracy with the book, including the orc's head on a spike! I envisaged this as having been built by Beorn, who is strong but not overly artistic, using techniques such as wattle and daub. I also aimed to avoid it looking like it had been transplanted from Rohan!

Dale (622, 35662)

2018-10-01_21.35.20.png 2018-10-01_21.35.26.png 2018-10-01_21.35.32.png 2018-10-01_21.36.09.png 2018-10-01_21.37.42.png 2018-10-01_21.37.54.png 2018-10-01_21.38.15.png 2018-10-01_21.38.38.png

Probably the best and most complicated thing I've ever built in Minecraft, with 25 individual structures as well as terrain. I aimed to ensure it was accurate to its lore, where it is notable for its toy factories and bells. I also deduced that it was an important trading town, with merchants dealing with wares from Erebor, Laketown, Mirkwood and the East. I had quite a bit of time with this as I was ill and off work whilst working on it.

Additional Builds:

Part of house in Moria (-4459, -6365; Moria)


The original build was someone else, I did the aging and interior. (plotbuild supervisor: nicTheFifth)


I quite enjoy the Gondorian style, as I'm very geometrically minded. I also don't mind doing terrain details.

This is probably also the best place to note that I'm a professional Java software developer, and I'm quite happy to assist with plugin development


I'm not overly good with words, but here goes. I want to be an artist so I can build places from the greatest work of fiction in the English language. I enjoy working with the community of MCME and that which has already been built.
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Yellow Flower Puncher
I've had a rather enthusiastic response to my Guide application (see Sam's comment), so I'll let you know after Wednesday. I doubt I'd be able to commit the time to fulfill both roles.


It is as 12 says, you can't be both artist and guide at the same time, although you can be an artist with tour badge and minigame badge, but not guide with build badge afaik, since the build badge doesn't exist atm.


Staff member
We could make one I guess, but so far we haven't needed to
this basic idea has been discussed for years and the general answer has been that a user has to choose to be either guide or artist, i can see that a badge may help in this situation but it would make the countless debates almost irrelevant. Artist who have lore and people skills, as a guide would, are more valuable in my experience. I don't think there should be a way for one rank to do the job of another at this level as artist work would be put aside for guide work or vice versa.
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