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What do you do outside MCME?


Hardcore MCME-er
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This is something that I sometimes think about when I’m bored on the server. What do you guys do outside MCME, or minecraft in general? I know a handful of players very well, but for the ones I don’t, please enlighten me with what you do.

What I do outside MCME:
  • Play Xbox (Overwatch, Call of Duty, Lego Games, Fallout, Eldar Scrolls)
  • Run track for school
  • Some computer coding/programming
  • Edit videos
So, what do you guys do?


Media Team
  • Play MCME and try out a load new styles and aspects of building
  • Read Tolkien's works, still have to get thru half of the Unfinished Tales and all 12 HoMe volumes:
  • Watching Stranger Things ATM
  • Rewatch LotR movies, already seen it 6 times and once with my headphone turned around for a new experience.
  • What else? I guess it's worth mentioning I do ninja training every Friday (jiu jitsu)


Hardcore MCME-er
When I not on mcme, but still on minecraft, I'm doing some error fixing for ma server...

When not on minecraft, I:
- Go to school by train (takes about an hour, if q doesn't screw up...*)
- Waste ma time in school in stupid classes... (Not talkin about geography or religion at all... ^^)
- Actually do take some usefull courses (that's right, siences and maths...)
- Work in our bike repair shop durin lunch (at school)
- get a train back home
- study

With on some days:
- 3 hours of orchestra rehersal...
- 1 hour of choir singin
- 1 hour of clarinet practise...

And in the weekend:
- Guiding football matches, getting swearwords all over me and getting hate from almost everyone. Aka bein a referee (U should try it...).

* Q's spigot profile page:


Hardcore MCME-er
Outside of MCME I:
  • Go to school
  • Read... a lot, like maybe too much, like being partway through 5 books (I also read on MCME Saturday at 8:20 PM BST in the Tour/Events channel,doing The Hobbit rn)
  • I watch films, I guess
  • I watch YouTube videos too much
  • I draw a bit
  • I 3D model a bit
  • I'm proud I hate football and Nando's
  • I watch Star Trek, The Next Generation is the best series, NCC - 1701 refit is the best Enterprise, Picard is the best captain
  • Oh yeah, I collect railway history books too. I like books.
I'd like to say I played other games, I don't. I'm dull, now you know.


Hardcore MCME-er
What I do outside of MCME is fighting a two front war with my studies towards a building engineering master at KTH Royal Institute of Technology on one front and my ever worsening addiction to computergames and procrastination on the other.
Things I'm interested in and used to do before my addiction took over is: Scouts, amature archery, walks through the forest, skiing, jiu jitsu, making Minecraft skins, watching movies and occasionally drawing. Now it's only computergames and watching YouTube all days long :(. Oh and I'm also a huge nerd about almost anything nerdy especially fantasy, sci-fi and medieval stuff.
What computergames do I play outside of MCME? Well I play Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (modded to near hell), Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Terraria, Besiege, Powder Toy, Spore, Kerbal Space Program, Rodina, Grand Theft Auto V, The sims 3 and Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag and I also recently started playing Stellaris and XCOM: Enemy Within as well. And that's only the ones I play right now.
(Yes my addiction is really starting to spiral out of control and I've finally realized just how big of an issue that is and that I can't do something about it on my own so just the other week I asked my parents to seek professional help in this.)
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Hardcore MCME-er
At work, I record the electrical activity of individual neurons within the mouse brain stem (in slice) in order to better characterize their patterns of activity. So thats fun.

Else, I spend my time climbing (both indoor and outdoor), playing tennis, running/working out. Been on a Diablo II frenzy recently, hence I haven't been online much.