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Whatsapp Project-group


Builds diagonally
Hi, as an artist I should be Online a lot and work a lot. But my problem is, that i cant be so much online, because of school. Also i cant play MC all the Time, thats Not enough fun/action for me.
I would like it If we could create a whatsapp group where designers/artists can announce big work, projects or Jobs.
That would help me to come on at the right time.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Hmm sounds like an idea, may be bit problematic as I guess not too many ppl are too eager to share their phone numbers. I'd be up for it if enough ppl join in


Hardcore MCME-er
GroupMe? I'm not sure how much it's used in Europe but in America (or at least where I live), every group of any sort has a GroupMe. There is no issue with sharing phone numbers since it can be done by email and an app, instead of texts.

I could set it up, btw.


Hardcore MCME-er
Well, this wouldn't work for that very tiny percentage of people who do not have a cell phone (me :p)


Hardcore MCME-er
Since i have a norvegian number and an italian, just switching the 2 phone numbers i have illimited whatsapp <3