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when 1.9 comes make the most of it


Yellow Flower Puncher
in 1.9 items can look different depending on durability so a diamond sword could be the one ring at one durability and a carrot at another

this will open up thousands of new options , also you can have alternate block textures tho u probably already knew that where the same block can look different depending on coords and a long algorithm to randomise it


Hardcore MCME-er
The problem doesn't really lie in knowing that we can do this but in finding people to do this.


Yellow Flower Puncher
i can do some parts like retexturing and you can use commands to set duarbility
alternate block textures is just applying lots of textures to the same block, it will pick whatever one corrosponds to the algorithm at those coordinates


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Help with texturing is always welcome :)
The idea to use it to randomize block textures is very nice.

So if you want, make a set of textures for a block and post them here.
I have not dealed with alternate textures yet, but I will ;)