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Where can I find Projects and Jobs


Builds trees by hand
I just saw some videos about this server on YT so I'm a new member...
I red a lot of stuff in the forums but I did not find any iformation how to be part of this project?!
Where can i find the list of jobs which have to bee done?
Is there a waitlist?
Do I have to register for that?
Do I need a special Resource Pack when I'm working on a project?
Is there a TS-server where people who build together can communicate or ehrer i can get more information?
and so on...

I would be glad about some answers!


Hardcore MCME-er
Welcome to MCME. This link will give you lots of Information about the server, and will answer all of your questions stated above.


Builds trees by hand
two more questions...

if i try to join "build.mcmiddleearth.com" i get the message "Failed to connect to the server. Outdated server! I'm still on {0}"
is there a new ID?

and what is the pw for the TS-server?


Make sure you aren't playing with version 1.8 because the servers haven't upgraded yet.
Every other version from 1.7.2 to 1.7.10 will work.