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Where I have been...


Yellow Flower Puncher
So some of u may be wondering where i have been lately. If i had died or am i just tired of mcme. Of course not!!

The thing is, a few weeks ago(almost 2 months actually) my family was planning a huge birthday party for my niece's 1st birthday. It was a big party and the thing is that we had to spend A LOT of money to pay for family air plane tickets. You see my grandmother lives in Puerto Rico and so does my uncle. We had to pay for both their air plane tickets AND everything for the party. The party ended up going great and nothing went wrong. My niece even enjoyed herself as much as a 1 year old can(she mostly sleept throu it all).
The catch was that because of all of the money we had to spend with the tickets and the party, we now had no money to pay the internet bill nor cable because we had to pay all the rent that we missed with using all the money for the party. And since my mother is the only one working (since my step father can't because he had an leg injury that broke a few bones of his ankle) we had to pay the rent and everything else first. The thung is that it wasnt just US anymore, mu grandmother and uncle started living with us. They where trying to start a new life in the u.s. So we had to use more money than usual for food and such. Anyways weeks past and we where close to getting the internet back. But then a few days ago happened...

You see my grandmother and uncle never stop fighting with one another about their lifes. Day after dat after dat a new fight. Im not gonna get into detail but... I got tired of the fighting. A few days ago i was with my little brother in our room. My mom father and sister along with my niece went to go shopping for new shoes for my mom whicg was gonna be quick. But as soon as they left. My grandmother and uncle started fighting again. I was so mad and so tired of their fighting. I heard them fighting and i was even wearing my headphones at high volume.

Anyways, I flipped. I was tired, i git out of my room and i screamed at my uncle to stop fighting, that he is at my house and he should not fight while my family has been giving them hospitality to stay. Lets just say it wasnt the best day. 1 thing led to another and...i dont want to get too into details. The thing is, my grandmother is leaving back do puerto rico with my uncle.

The thing is we have to pay for their plane tickets again. What i am trying to say is that we are not gonna be able to pay the internet this week like i hoped.
I still dont know when but i will see to it that we get internet soon.

I hope you all understand my recent absence. I have put this in the tavern talk thread to worry u all less. I will be coming soon enough i just want to update u all on my current internet status.

Thank you.

P.S. The birthday was really fun. It actually made me realize I've been too nonchalant during the summer and need to shave my man-child beard. XD


Good that the birthday went off without a hitch. We all have bills to pay, so it is understandable. And I am sure you are welcome back when the time comes. =)


Yellow Flower Puncher
Thanks everyone! I just wanted to inform u all since I was gone for quite a while when I thought it was just gonna be for a week or so. I do not know my families plan for now but I will be back soon. I will inform u all when I have internet again.