Where to make Threads

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Mar 9, 2014
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Where to make Threads
Guide in knowing where to make Topics for Questions, Concerns, Help and Reporting on the Forums

I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone of the appropriate places to Create Thread/Topics.

General Discussions / Off-Topic

The general discussion subforum is a collection of forums made by the community for the community on any general topic they wish to discuss. The General Discussion includes both the Tavern Talk and Game Forum; from MCME Quotes to Music Threads, the Tavern Talk is the place to go to find and make threads on any general topic of your choosing. The Games board is a place to discuss about other games.

Concerns, Questions and Suggestions

In terms of Issues/Concerns, Questions and Suggestions for the Server (as well as the request for Help and making Reports for malicious activity) the list below are the various places on the Forums you're able to make these in.
Note If there is a topic already made before that you wish to start, please use the old (topic) one to prevent multiple threads. Again please make threads that are in good faith, that is, staying away from topics/subjects that are contentious, that will bring others and/or the Project to ill repute. Forum Moderators reserve the right to remove and organise topics at any time.
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