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Accepted Whickery_Dickens


Aspiring Commoner
Whickery_Dickens Artist Application
Date joined: Early November 2016

Jobs and similar events:

Andrast Foliage:
Build days:
Chamber of Light:
Theme builds:
Barad Eithel (Tower of the Well): (note: long-term project)
My interests: My preferences are gondorian, dwarven and terrain. I prefer the steadfast feel of the listed types of buildings and when you look at it from afar to inspect the build you can understand why they can withstand a massive siege or hold up a several thousand tonne mountain. Aside from MCME related building I enjoy nordic, medieval and Italian build styles.

My motivation: My main reason for applying for Artist is the chance to build more complex buildings in MCME as well as helping Designers if required. I joined MCME shortly after my holiday to New Zealand which involved going to Hobbiton and walking through The Shire and The Green Dragon Inn. This inspired me to investigate if there were any servers in Minecraft which aimed to build Middle-Earth and hence I joined MCME. In terms of projects, i'm keen to help finish Belfalas and Andrast. I am particularily looking forward to Dol Amroth.

If you have any suggestions to improve any of my builds it would be much appreciated.


hon. Head Designer
Thank you for your application!

You already got pointed out to me to be a very good builder by Eaglz, which surely must mean something!

I'm looking at your TB now; it's a bit hard to give concrete feedback if it is unclear whether a certain part is finished or not; so as #1 I'd recommend you to go back to this Barad Eithel TB and try bringing it to an end ;)
  • Try to bring a bit more variation to the white blocks; you already did that very well with the roofs, but you could also make all the floors with a different kind of block; else it's looking a bit monotone and boring from afar.
  • You've got a good idea for intricate shapes! Just make sure you also keep physics in mind, I think the supports for the big dome are a bit minimalistic right now...
  • The small tower in the corner of your plot has a bit odd proprotions. The base is very wide, but the top is tiny. Gondorian and maybe elvish towers are either straight, or, in the elvish case, are wide at the base and get rapidly slimmer in the bottom half, and remain about the same width in the upper half. For an example of this I made a TB some years ago, just warp to /warp Mindon Eldalieva on the TB world.
    Your tower shape is like a huge waste of material, you'd never need such a fat base to support this tiny tower, and it does not look very elegant either.
So, as said, I recommend you finish the Barad Eithel build, or else fire up a new TB and bring that to a conclusion.


hon. Head Designer
So, first off sorry that I didn't reply any sooner!

Secondly, I think I've got a christmas present for you: An Artist promotion! Congratulations!

Please make sure you check the Artist Manual (update pending) before you run havoc on the server :p Also make sure you hook up with Eaglz, he's anticipated to have you as a helping hand in Dol Amroth!