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Why you should use Teamspeak

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Will_em, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Will_em

    Will_em One of Us

    Mar 1, 2014
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    Hey guys and girls,

    This is for all those new players out there, that recently joined our server.
    Let me introduce myself first:
    I'm Will_em. I joined MCME in february 2012, interested in just helping with the map. I didn't know how to build, didn't have experience on gaming servers, knew very little about anything. I became artist the same year and moved on to staff for another 2 years. I have seen things come and go but one thing never changes: Teamspeak. (and war)

    So what is teamspeak? It's skype for gamers without video. We use it mainly for the easier communication to organise events, jobs and most of all, to just hang out. You can make your own channel and play other games, you can stream music, we do tours, jobs and pvp on there.

    So why should you use it? Not really useful if you don't have a mic right? Or if you don't have time, or can't set it up, right?


    Teamspeak made me staff and artist, gave me a collection of about 50 really good friends from all across the globe, taught me how to organise big events and made me a slightly better karaoke singer. And not because I talked on it, but because you get to know new people. Now I'm on the teamspeak every time because there is always a friend online with which I can play a game or have a chat. And again: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TALK. You can just typ in chat or respond on the chat of minecraft. That way the other person can talk and doesn't have to respond in chat and this makes everything easier.

    Do you have questions about it?
    Are your parents not allowing teamspeak and do I need to talk to them to ensure the safe environment on teamspeak? (Small note: I'm very good with moms)
    Are you having trouble installing teamspeak?
    Just want to voice your concerns?

    Share it here and I'll help (along with anyone else that wants to).

    If you want to get a rank and get involved: join teamspeak.

    Link to the guide: TeamSpeak Guide
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  2. greglas2

    greglas2 Yellow flower puncher

    Jul 12, 2014
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    TeamSpeak... TeamSpeak never changes...
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  3. TheSpeedy_

    TheSpeedy_ Dirt Conaisseur

    Mar 17, 2014
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    Woot woot! Those new players from Feb 2012 are the best ever ;)
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