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Will we use this ?


Starting Adventurer
I am here once more the mighty Duerdak for anyone who remembers. Anyway in 1.8 (i know it will take a lot of time for the update but it would be still cool to use as we have random camps around the world) you can build a really realistic looking campfire. Heres how it looks:

And heres a video on how to make it and to see it better than in the picture:

Maybe you can find a quicker way to build them than the method should in the video.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Its definitely a good find and probably considerable when 1.8 is here. But if, we could probably make a far better campfire with invisible armor stands and blocks as heads upon them, see sethblings video to that topic:


Experienced Member
I feel like we'd definitely have to wait until all the snapshot and 1.8 patches are finalised. If it's still there it can be implemented, even if it's a little small.


Staff member
I think it will be used, but not too much as its a weird balance between that fire (which is a bit small) and the normal fire (which is a bit big)

We will for sure use the armor stands