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willemc artist application

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Starting Adventurer
artist application final 1.png
artist application final 2.png
I am willemc. I joined early summer of 2017. This is the bridge I have built for the theme of 6,2,17 (as far as I know). this is my first theme build on the server. I have helped on the ruining of the mines of moria. I like to build with an Elvish style. outside of the lotr theme, I like to build towns with interesting themes( cannot show, as I lost the world in a pc transfer) I have not built much, in terms of scale, but I hope to start here! my motivations are to start the process of places that have not been built (for example, Mordor) , continue those projects, and to just help people on the server and make them happy, so they come back every day. this server means a lot to me, so I hope you put me into consideration.
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Hardcore MCME-er
Hey willemc, I am an artist on the MCME server. I would like to give a few tips on how to improve your build. Starting with that it is essential to do the builds in MCME texture packs as when designers look at your builds they have to make sense. Now with the actual placing of the blocks. The design you have for the base structure is quite basic and is not part of the time but actually modern. Arches and wider bottoms are usually the more common shapes and designs which are used. What you have now would be ideal for a steel bridge but the texure you used looks like stone so this design is unrealistic. From what I see you used three variants of block: whitish brick, white pillar and lantern. This is not enough as it makes the build too simple and also non-realistic. Also the lanterns I think are a bad idea as they are too many and are also no aesthetically placed. More depth has to be put into the structure of your bridge. This will add a nicer texture to you build. To do this you use one texture for the outer layer and then a different one for the inner layer (kind of of making two walls instead of one) However this isn't just for walls but can be used for floors and many other designs. Looking around MCME and exploring new places should give you the idea of how builds should be made in MCME. Another hint is that there are two builder schools in the plot world. Also watching people build will improve you skill as well. I hope you will pursue this as we need all the help we can get. Good luck.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Hey willemc,

Please forgive me the incredibly long response time! And thanks to BWOT for the feedback! I'd like to share his main critique that the shapes are too modern, it takes skills and materials that are probably not available to build such kinds of bridges. If you google for images of "medieval bridges" you will not see a single one that has no arches, and thats most likely for a good reason. So you may rather want to try something like that!

Regarding materials: Yeah, you used our RP's, but a set of textures of those that have been so rarely used (actually never) that even BWOT thought they're from another RP. These textures do look agreeably alien to the other blocks and they probably will be put elsewhere with the next update of the Eriador pack. Try the variety of stony textures instead!

I'd be very glad if you could give another TB a try and submit some pictures, and I promise I will review it a lot sooner!

~ Finrod