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Wrong Resource Pack ScreenShots

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Experienced Member
When people join the server, they usually don't have the resource packs or they use the wrong ones. This is what many popular builds would look like without or with the wrong Resource pack. (Plus Shaders)

Edoras (Loth Pack)

Edoras inside (Loth Pack)

Edoras Side (Loth)

Edoras Front (Default)

Edoras Side (Default)

Edoras From a farther view (Default) (Plus some unloaded Chunks

Isengard, partially unloaded (Default)

All of these I used Rudoplays Shader.
I'll specify if i use a different pack.


Experienced Member
Took some more with FVDisco's OCD Pack, and with the LB Photo Realism Pack using the RudoPlays shader again. Also I have noticed that the photo realism pack actually looks good, aside from a few things.

Ost-In-Edhil (LB Realism Pack)

Aldburg (LB Photo Realism)

Bag End (OCD pack)

Rivendell (OCD pack)


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Today I used the "Mini Doku Light" Resource Pack at the Candy Cane Forest. Which for some reason is called lothlorien. Without shaders this time

Candy Cane City

The Candy Cane Farms

The kind of great Citadel of the Candy Cane Country

Tell me whether or not I should use shaders for these.


Experienced Member
Today I took a visit to The Pink City (Now more white than pink) using the Kryppox Maxed shader pack and the Eriador Texture pack.

The 3-4 layer of the city (Didn't count)

At night the other side of the city

A farther back view of the city


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I am Back! I have been told that these were good so I have started again.
The shader I used today was Shader Let's Play

First Stop! Tharbad! Using LB Photo Realism Pack.
It was in Ruins so I went to B̶r̶i̶c̶k̶s Helms Deep using Default
The gate was open so I walked right in, and met @Haladel after I sat on the throne. Using OCD pack
Then I walked out and saw the great dawn that happened immediately after noon. OCD pack
Just after that I flew and saw the sunset over the mountains. OCD pack

Thanks for looking, I hope you learn how to use the correct resource packs and have a m̶e̶d̶i̶o̶c̶r̶e̶ great day!


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Took some pictures in the rain, just default texture pack and Chocapic High

It was too good of a screenshot to have in default
Story about the Rivendell Screenshot, I was flying around rivendell, I went to the water and my PC froze on the screenshot, after restarting MC a few times I got the pic, which I now realize has my hand in it.
Edit: took picture again without hand
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