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Accepted xImRush (Artist application)


Dear Sir or Madam

My name is xImRush (called Rush,Hannes), I am a fifteen year old boy who lives in Germany.
I joined the Server at Saturday the 02.02.2019.
I know its not a long
time but I am really determide, so iam writing this letter now.
When i watched the video from Keralis i instantly jumped out of the bed and ran
to my computer to join this server.
Close after I joined the server i met Darki, he showed me everything from the server
and i met a lot of nice People.
Because of that i got Common on Sunday morning,and Darki told me to do this application as soon as posssible,
so I am here.

-decorate sewer in Dol Amroth with Andrewpioneer
-decorate sewer in Dol Amroth with Andrewpioneer
-Doing paths in Moria with Darki
-decorate sewer in Dol Amroth with Andrewpioneer
-decorate sewer in Dol Amroth with Andrewpioneer

-ruin Moria houses in Moria with Smaug_Niphredil
-Ten times Sewer detailing with JonathanKnalle;TotiGonzales

I only have finished one theme build but i really put much effort in it and i got like about
ten reviews and i tried my best to build it as good as i can.

Gondorian farm (175,24,38153;updated 06.02.2019)
Moria Caves (-64,69,38282;updated 18.02.2019)

All in all I am really motivated to intergrate me to this Server because I am such a big Lotr fan, and I am so excited to help Building my favourite universe

Greetings:Hannes Helbing

Here are some screenshots:

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Hardcore MCME-er
I had a look at @xImRush 's build today. He has made significant improvements, and has took the advice well. A lot more detail, and planning. It is relativley small and so once he finsihes the surrounding terrain I would like to see him do another main-map challenge. Rush you are very close to the rank of artist and keep up the good work!