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Accepted Xmine01 Artist Application


Date: I joined MCME on the 28th of march 2018
Jobs and Plotbuilds: I have done some stream jobs with pants, derp fixing with bart and smaug, decorating house in moria with nic, ruining a forge in moria with bart, osgiliath house assigned by birdo. → Themed-builds: I have 3 finished themed-builds. Temple: x -567 z 33427, Watchtower x-890 z 33315 and Carn Dûm x 53 z33686. → Additional Builds: I don't have any additional builds besides the head of a dragon that i build during the dragon contest that i will try to finish. → Your interests: I like building in fantasy style but i still need to experiment with some building style's , i also like making streams, small mountain's. i just like to build it doesn't really matter what it is.
Your motivation: I stopped playing minecraft a few years ago. but a few months ago i was watching at the LOTR movies i went searching about vids and found this server. when i first joined i didn't really know what to do so i did a few the builds and i stopped playing after that. during the summer holiday i got bored and played on this server but this time I stayed on.
MCME gave me advice with building and i have had a lot of fun on the server.

Advice is alway's welcome


Your artist application is now under Watchlist, congratulations, you will be contacted privately by one of the Artist Committee on what you must do for your final challenge. Congrats @Xmine01 !


Staff member
I have worked together with @Xmine01 for some time today, working on trees, and I must say it's very nice working with him. His skills are on point, but more importantly he follows instructions very well. Also looking at his portfolio, I think that he is more than capable of holding the artist rank.
he's on watchlist which means he's right now doing his trial build


Xmine said his trial builds are finished to what he personaly believes but no one has checked it and gave him feedback after he messaged BWOT...