You Lied to Me

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When I joined MCME, I specifically remember being told that the map was based on the books. Now I have been led to believe, from my own view and several other peoples, MCME has taken a turn towards Peter Jackson's movies! In other words, YOU LIED TO ME!


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Mar 1, 2014
MCME has always been a mixture of both Books and Movies. Although we love our lore, and keep to it as much as we can; the movie interpretations still have a nook in our hearts.

Now whoever told you that this server was based solely on books had their head up their ass, and didn't know what they were talking about. And i'm "sorry" for your being misinformed.

But there are locations that are obviously based on the movies (e.g: Helms Deep, Isengard, Weathertop, etc.). And there are locations seen in the movies, and found on our map, that are based more so on lore (Lothlorien being a decent example). And then there are mixtures, such as the currently in progress, Minas Tirith. Which is based on the WETA model from the movies, but includes aspects of lore not found in the movies, such as the black wall.

However, what you need to keep in mind ultimately is that this server is technically neither a Jackson server, nor completely a Book server. It remains, as it always has been, the community's own version, or rather interpretation, of Middle Earth.


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Mar 1, 2014
Probably because we all like our cake.

Also the (correct me if I'm wrong) server is supposed to be based off the books AND the movies, however the books are preferred when possible.


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I must admit that I do sound a bit pissed.

When I joined this server, I did so because I wanted to be able to wander around a book-based world, different to Jackson's interpretation in the movies. From the sound of it, I've obviously been mislead.
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Mar 1, 2014
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(insert lol here)

Advertising other servers is a direct breach of our Terms of Service so I suggest you remove such.

Also I really dont care if you are "a bit pissed" because your frustration is illogical.

Our server never made any promises to be purely book based. We use a combination of books, movies, and other inspirations to create a version unique to MCME. If you are just realizing that now, you are honestly slow on the uptake. There is a reason we spend hours scrolling through lore before starting a project, its because we care about this stuff but also have to acknowledge the visual and cultural appeal of a given build while constructing it which cannot always be obtained by purely book visions. Nobody lied to you, you are putting words in our mouth and expecting things that were never there. If you have a problem with our vision of a project, how about you contribute? I dont think I have ever seen you contribute to project discussions or builds spike, so Im not sure you are in a position to complain about the way we run things as everything is in your power to change and you havent done so.

If you wish to leave the server community, thats up to you, but there is no point in pointing factually lacking fingers at the server before rage quitting as thats just not cool. Because this honestly sounded more like a plea to join the other server then a problem with ours as you are pointing to no direct evidence on the server itself. Furthermore I doubt dags and fornad appreciate the way you are going about such as this is not how they intend the relation between the two to be as both of them are very respectable gentlemen. (the comment concerning this was removed, but imma just leave this here)
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Mar 11, 2014
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...a book-based world...
I have to comment on this.

You do realize that Jackson's films are book-based, right? As is every image, every piece of fan art, every possible incarnation or iteration of Lord of the Rings content is, by definition, book-based.

That's the whole point. It's open to interpretation. Even heavily-detailed descriptions still have to pass through the filter of our imaginations - and our imaginations, influenced by our experiences, are constantly changing, revising, adapting, and embellishing what comes from the pages of those books. That's what makes a book come alive in your hands, and that's why *no other medium* can possibly encapsulate that experience. Jackson's interpretation is just as valid as your own, but it is absolutely going to be different than your own because you have your own imagination.

From Tolkien himself:
The radical distinction between all art (including drama) that offers a visible presentation and true literature is that . . . literature works from mind to mind and is thus more progenitive. It is at once more universal and more poignantly particular.
So, rest assured this is very much a book-based world. We simply often use the imaginations of others as sources of inspiration. And why shouldn't we?
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