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Your 3 Songs of 2014

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Oi bruvs, as ya know, I love music and love sharing my nasty hipster music with everyone, and hearing other people's music.

SO, post the 3 songs you listened to the most, have a special meaning, etc, that you found in 2014. Doesn't have to be written in 2014, just when you found it. Ya know, like when people post their album of the year, but we'e only doing 3 songs cause no one is going to listen to entire album. POST AWAY.


[I swear to God if this thread gets locked I'll kick someone in the neck.]

Lord Huron- She Lit a Fire

Local Natives- Wide Eyes

Young the Giant- Guns Out
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Reminds me a bit of my surf trip and the friends that came along with it.

A new and delighted rock band that I needed in 2014.

A psychedelic repetition that grows on you more and more...


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Chillstep (Mostly when playing Skyrim, Shadow of Mordor etc...)

Awesome Halloween Song

And a very Emotional song



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And here we we are a couple months later where people were complaining about the abundance of music threads. As the consensus was at the time, I'm going have to lock this thread. You can continue this theme by doing so in the current music thread located here.
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