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Your Favorite FreeBuilds


Hey campers,

@SugarKoala and I are putting together some new stuff for the New* New Player Guide, and we want to include a list of cool, epic, useful, or otherwise amazing FreeBuild locations for new players to explore.

So - what are your favorite FreeBuild builds? (they can be one of yours) Since this is for new players, please include:
  • warp location
  • author's name
  • short description
So far on the list we have

/warp builderschool
/warp erebor
/warp map
*shameless plug
/warp titanic

and I tried to /warp museum but it doesn't go to the MCME museum anymore. Does the museum have a new warp?


Hardcore MCME-er
A couple things:
First, the warp for titanic is /warp Titanic as opposed to /warp titanic, since it's caps sensitive.

Also, @meggawatts , when you try to do
/warp list, it gives you a link to a forum thread that no longer exists due to the crash.


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/warp Gar Ainion
by: Arcusthehero (ik ik lol =P)
Description: The ancient Temple to the Valar in Gondolin, just south of the Grand Square of the King. It was where marriages were conducted, as well as the offerings of the first fruits, and is one of the only recorded religious buildings in ME history. In my version, please use the gondor pack, and enjoy =)


Hardcore MCME-er
/warp Carn-Dum
as with dol guldur, in progress but looks to have great potential

about the ones which are in progress, probably not good for your guide (until they are complete) but good for old members looking for cool things


Hardcore MCME-er
The Mount Gundabad freebuild is amazing:

/warp gundabad
By elisophir
Mount Gundabad, where Azog and Bolg were born/bred. Once a mightly dwarven stronghold founded by Durin, now overrun with those crazy orc supersoldiers.
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Hardcore MCME-er
/searchwarps [search text]
I believe he's asking megga to recreate the thread.
also /warp theme
Perhaps you already do this in the guide but if not then here it is.
As well as directing people to the themed build so that they can participate, I think you should say something along the lines of "Even if you don't want to participate in that week's particular theme, take a look around and see what your fellow community members have to offer!"


Hardcore MCME-er
/warp treeclass
If you could mention to put the players gamemode to adventure so they can't break signs or anything else. Thanks!


Thanks for all the feedback, guys. We've got a great list. If you think of any more must-sees, let me know!

Also, I seem to remember a really cool LoTR themed speed running course that was pretty epic. It might have been a really long time ago. Anyone recall? Does it have a warp?