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Your Favourite AFK Spot


Hardcore MCME-er
I've been known to AFK at the following places: the Party Tree, top of Bree Gate, top of the Pink Palace, and any buildings I've built on the server.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Henneth Annun duh, but I always do /player time 8:30 for the ambience :D
As you seem to want to mention that name quite often now, here some 'u's with accents for yo Henneth Annûn. Simply copy&paste em and tell me when ya need more ;)


(yh i know nobody cares bout accents, but i do; they arent just some fancy decoration, they are important for elven as well as dwarven languages)


Hardcore MCME-er
So what is your favourite place to chill and let the world go by ingame?
But...but...the world time doesn't change D:

But anyways, I actually never go AFK on the server. I just log off when I need to go. Buuuuut I can show you where I spend most of my time! (I just run around these rooftops)


Experienced Member
I usually warp to Bagend and fly around and eventually find myself at the Old Forest. I usually get bored halfway through and stalk the forums, only to come back 10 minutes later to find that I'm still online.