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Your own Middle-Earth builds


Hardcore MCME-er
I dont really play to much single player or multiplayer. When I do, its PVP Factions so theres no time for creativity, you just build an underground base, mine shit, and try to kill other people.


Hardcore MCME-er
I actually really like the idea of this thread. I'd like to see people's different takes on Locations. Here's a dump of some stuff I've done over the past 2 years.
Ost-In-Edhil Themedbuild: http://i2.minus.com/icQFAeKgdF1c2.png
Dwarven(ish) Bridge: http://i7.minus.com/isBu4nbq1F6yk.png
Movie Version Lake Town: http://i4.minus.com/iwpPLdYzsc2dy.png
Beornings or Rohan House: http://i3.minus.com/iCuZtwCMfwwW3.png
Dol Amroth idea: http://i1.minus.com/iba4rYhKfbxnMq.png http://i2.minus.com/ipUZGvFskw5Av.png