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Accepted Yourie98


Builds diagonally
Minecraft Username : Yourie98
Date Joined : 2 or 3 years ago
Themed Build participated in: Tirion upon Tuna
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: Some of the buildings shown in my album are buildings already on the server, I made those during the time I was artist and project leader for the lothlorien vegetation project. What is your prefered building style? I like building trees and actually most kinds of structures, especially when I can be creative.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thank you for your application! It has now been checked and here follow some tips on what you can improve on to increase your chances on a promotion to Artist.

Your Tirion build is very advanced already, especially the shapes you developed are very appealing. There's not too much feedback I can give you right away instead that I'd like to see some interior work on that tower (you can still do that as the TB plugin is broken atm).
Else I think you have really good chances on getting promoted soon, stay active on the server and update your app with some new creations (an also be from beyond MCME and not LotR related).

Also please note that the criterions and the way artist apps are handled in the future are about to change. Further information will be published soon on the forums.

~ Finrod_Amandil, Head Designer.


Builds diagonally
Thanks a lot Fin.
And its really awesome that you take the time to take a look at our buildings and give tips, it helps me and other people out!
So here's a little update: