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YouTube Series


Starting Adventurer
Hi, I was planning to do a fun little YouTube series on the server where I walk from one location to another by subscribers request, I'm hoping that will be fine, I was told to post something on the forums by an Artist..

My YouTube Channel is www.youtube.com/1DeathEater if you would like to view the upcoming videos that I would like to record on the server to make sure I don't say anything that would cause harm to the server.. I'm not like that, I'm really a nice guy..

I know I'm not allowed to say Server information, nor am I promoting the server in any way shape or form, although, if you'd like me to, I could tell my subscribers how to get onto the server..

Please answer back as soon as possible, I would like to start recording very soon!!! Thanks



Hardcore MCME-er
Share and give credit!
Other than that you're good to go, if you need someone to guide you around or something else, I'm always up for it, and so are our rangers.


Staff member
Ye just include the fact that this was filmed on the MCME server and add a link to our home page in your comments or in the video