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Aspiring Commoner
Minecraft Username : Yudaz
Date Joined : 09 February 2014
Themed Build participated in: Forannest, Beacons of Gondor, partly Laketown and Haudh in Gwanur

What building style I prefer:
I've focused myself to like the Gondor building style more than any other, after building a lot of Osgiliath houses - in relation to that I preferred the overall medieval building style before.

Application Text
The reason I want to apply for becoming Artist, is because I simply enjoy building. I'm good at taking constructive critique, and I'm good at following instructions.

Lately I've been asked a lot if I've ever considered becoming an Artist, in contrast of that I wasn't asked a single time when I actually applied for it. So I decided to update my application with screenshots from my new builds, as well as my old ones.

I've been building a lot of buildings for Osgiliath the last weeks (outside organized builds) - as I'm in the Osgiliath Building Team.

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Post them in an album next time please. I dont want to download or click 5 times before i see the pictures.