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Accepted ZarukAcerbus (Artist Application)


Starting Adventurer
- Date Joined -

Probably sometime around 2012 (give or take). It was on the old MCME world, back when new members had to be whitelisted. I was initially active for a brief time, helping with a few odd terraforming jobs (though I have no idea where). Then there was a period of several years where I only came on occasionally to lurk and explore the map. More recently I’ve been active again, and have started participating on the server once more.

- Jobs -

The only job of note I’ve helped out with recently is a house in Moria I built in the Chamber of Light (I’m not going to count the terraforming jobs I helped with on the old map, as those were so long ago). I also just completed a theme build, the House of the Stewards.

- Screenshots –

(MCME) House of the Stewards

This was done for the most recent theme build. Not much to say about this one, beyond that I had a lot of fun doing it and I think it turned out pretty well for a building I did minimal planning for. There are a few things I’d change with access to WorldEdit (in particular, I’d move part of the building so that the dome and roofs were and odd number of blocks wide), but I’m happy with it all the same.​

(MCME) Moria House

This house can be found in the Chamber of Light in new Moria. I found building to specifications to present a different set of challenges which I had a lot of fun solving. For example, because of the layout of the plot I was assigned, the tower ended up being wider than the towers on most other houses. I really enjoyed having to come up with an expanded roof design that didn’t look out of place in the surrounding buildings. I think I succeeded, but I’ll let a Designer have the last say.​

The Electric Chateau

This massive structure was done on a server I used to moderate on, and was only possible with extensive use of WorldEdit. I never finished it, but it’s done enough that I think it demonstrates my ability to plan and execute large builds.​

Isles of Alfjord

Here are just a few screenshots of a large, Nordic-themed island I created using WorldPainter. Not much to say about it other than it demonstrates my familiarity with the software and knowledge of terraforming. I also think it’s quite pretty to look at.​

Convention Island

This is a WIP that I started a few months ago on a long car trip. The concept was for a convention center and hotel on a tropical island, complete with beaches and other recreational facilities. I used WorldPainter to create the large pedestal-like island, then used a lot of wool and WorldEdit to start building. This is probably the most heavily-planned project I’ve ever started. I must have gone through dozens of floorplan designs on graph paper for the convention center alone.​

Scorpion City

This was the spawn city for the server I used to moderate on. I built around a third of the buildings in the city. Most of these buildings were constructed back in 2011 and 2012, so they’re well-below my current skill level, but I think it’s impressive all the same (especially considering this was before we had installed WorldEdit – everything you see was built by hand).​

- Interests –

My main interest on MCME is building Dwarven, Gondorian, and other styles of massive stone-based architecture (I imagine I’ll enjoy Mordor as well, when we get there). Old ruins and underground structures are a particular favorite, as is architecture integrated into cliffs, mountainsides, or other large terrain features.

On other servers, I often build in similar styles to those I mentioned above. I also enjoy building modern structures, in particular large skyscrapers and other public buildings like convention centers. In addition to Minecraft itself, I’ve worked extensively in WorldPainter and have used it for large-scale terraforming.

- Motivation -

I’m a level designer and environment artist by trade. I’m happiest when creating maps in programs like Unreal Engine 4 or Valve’s Hammer editor for the Source Engine, creating 3D models in Autodesk Maya, and, of course, working on large-scale projects in Minecraft (if you’re interested in seeing my non-Minecraft work, my professional portfolio can be viewed here). Even before I started doing this kind of work digitally, as a child I was always drawing up plans for this video game level, or sketching out a map for that fantasy world, or else building a town out of LEGO bricks. Creating fictional spaces really is a passion for me.

I’ve also been a huge Tolkien fan ever since my mother first read the Lord of the Rings to me when I was young, and I adore Peter Jackson’s film adaptions. Middle-Earth remains one of my favorite fictional places ever conjured. So when I first heard years ago there was a Minecraft server trying to recreate Middle-Earth in its entirety, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Unfortunately, life and other interests kept me from getting too involved for a long time, but these days I have a lot more free time on my hands.

I’m very eager to assist in the completion of Moria and Gondor, and I look forward to helping build places such as Mordor, Erebor, and the like. Years from now, when MCME is finally finished, I want to be able to look at a specific building, or a bridge, or some bit of a huge wall and say, “I built that.”

Thanks for taking time to review my application! I do hope you’ll consider it!


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Oh the guy likes LEGO, I'll promote him!

Let's say, if there would be an award for most impressive Artist Application, you'd have won it. Extraordinary set of skills you bring with you, and I am more than happy to open you more possibilities to use these on MCME!

Yeah you may well even have all the skills required for a staff position, but that just needs some time in which I and the other staffs can get to know you a bit better ;)

So, all that's left to say is to ask you to read the Artist Manual, so you can catch up with the rulework of nowadays: Artist Manual