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Starting Adventurer
o Thread title - zelig38

o Date - May 29, 2014

o Jobs – I have participated in several jobs concerning creating pathways in paths of the dead and Moria. I am sorry in advance that I have no screenshots available as evidence of this as this was a long time ago

Theme build - Tomb of Elendil

Tomb of elendil

In this build, I decided to build a tombstone overseen by a simple soldier statue, the white and black flags represent the colours of Gondor. The oval lawn is based on the description of the tomb as seen on tolkiengateway

o Your interests: I like building Rohirric sytled building and I also like to build roads in any style. Outside LOTR I like to build stone fortresses

o Your motivation: I applied since I believe that after being a member for two years on the sever, I should try and help to give back as I am not in a position to donate money. I love the work that MME does in recreating the world that has been a major part of my childhood and I would love to help on Gondor related projects and possible Rohan modifications if need be

any improvements on my application will be much appreciated :D Thank you for reviewing my application!


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Hey zelig!

Thank you for your application! Here's some feedback on it:

Remarks on your Themed Build: The shapes you elaborated in the statue are very intricate and nice! However, one thing you should be aware of is the choice of materials. You used quite some wood in your statue, however, especially for a statue overlooking a grave, you'd rather use stone only which presumable would last a lot longer than wood. Also you used wood in the statue's waist, supporting a rather large chunk of stone higher up. Try to never make wood supporting stone, that's not gonna work out very well in most cases!

Please give another Themed Build a try! Especially one where some houses are involved would be good to judge a bit better how good you already are at building, and where we still need to work a bit!

~ Finrod