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Minecraft Middle Earth

by MaDIIReD at 4:54 PM
(415 Views / 14 Likes)
Opening Statement

Ah, another wonderful sunday and time for the MCME times. Microwave yourself some soda, pour a glass of popcorn and settle down to read up on the latest happenings in MCME. Let's get right to it!

Project Progress
Harithilien Part 3 (In Progress):Lots of terrain work has been done in Harithilien over the week, a bunch of rivers and cool terrain features have been added. Additionally if you want to join in in the Haudh in Gwainur build competition you have to do so quickly, as it will close in three days, on the 17th of september.

Misty Mountains (In Progress): /warp mirrormere, that's where the magic happened. @Finrod_Amandil has done a terrific job creating the valley...
by MaDIIReD at 4:52 PM
(1,520 Views / 27 Likes)
Opening Statement

Over the last two weeks lots has changed. Four staff members and two rangers have resigned due to the new schoolyear starting. As a result of this the MCME times has seen a change in writer, along with some project staff filling in the gaps left behing in Harithilien.
All of these changes pale in comparison to the recent changes to rank names and structure though. We'll start this edition of the times by taking a look at these changes.

Rank Name Changes & Merges

As all of you who have been on in the last week have noticed the rank names have been changed and some ranks have been merged together. Here is a simplified overview:

Oathbreaker: This rank has stayed the same in name and function.

Droog + Commoner: These ranks have been merged together forming the Adventurer rank. The adventurer rank has the same permissions as the old commoner rank....
by q220 at 11:34 PM
(1,931 Views / 20 Likes)
This Monday 1st September there will be a scheduled downtime for the build server, while I push forward some changes to our ranks system. Build ranks will be merged into one new one rank, and will also see new functionality as I replace and add some new plugins that will aid them.

Once this setup is fully complete, and when I'm happy with the results, that setup/configuration will act as a baseline across all our servers, so that each server will work very similarly (obviously each server will have a specific need, but the commands and plugins that handle most of the 'behind the screen' work will be the same to offer consistency).

A more detailed post will follow during the 1st September.

Do note however that the changes that are going to be enacted, are based on a theory. It will need some time to check if they actually increase productivity and our working methods. During this period I will analyse and adjust settings, configuration and rank permissions where...
by Fireinferno13 at 7:29 PM
(989 Views / 22 Likes)
Opening Statement

This week marks a special occasion in so many ways. First of all it marks an end to the illustrious Summer Event that has taken place over the past few weeks. Thanks to the hard work of people like Lizzy and Iru, this past month has been a widely viewed success that has brought a level of fun and attention to this server that may not normally be present on a day to day basis. Furthermore, this marks the last edition of the MCME Times that I will be writing due to the time conflicts that college is presenting me this upcoming Fall term. Luckily for all of you, the wonderful and handsome MaD will be taking over more permanently in the future in order to keep this wonderful news letter alive. And lastly, this edition marks the end of Summer for most people and on behalf of the community I would like to wish everyone good luck this next year.

Hopefully since this is the last edition you know the drill by now. Please sit...​
by MaDIIReD at 4:51 PM
(561 Views / 11 Likes)
Opening Statement

Hello there friendly denizens of MCME. As fire is out of town this weekend I will try to make up for his absence, though I do not know if such a feat is possible. However I will do my best to bring you up to date with recent happenings and upcoming events.
Speaking of events, this weeks is the Summer Event's last, so anyone who wishes to participate but hasn't had the change to do so yet must act quickly.

The Two Trees Summer Event


Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week's theme is Fancy wear. Clothe yourself in the finest garb from black tuxedo, to flaming red dress.

The Great Lore Tour:
(Sunday) Are you ready for the three part event of the summer? Test what you know about lore and learn facts...
by Iru at 4:56 PM
(2,882 Views / 19 Likes)

29th August 2014
10 pm GMT+1


The awards ceremony is a momentous occasion which culminates recognition of the community's most astounding individuals. Over one night people within the MCME Community join together in one venue displaying spectacular visuals and acoustics.

This year marks the significance of the Two Trees Summer Event; an occasion which is influenced and compared to that of the Olympic Games. The theming of the Summer Event as the Two Trees draws its symbolism from the Mallorn Tree in Bagend and the White Tree of Gondor. The combination of these two icons...​
by Fireinferno13 at 7:37 PM
(542 Views / 8 Likes)
Opening Statement

How have you been enjoying the MCME Two Trees Summer Event? Lucky for you there are still tons of new things to do in the last few weeks here so be sure to check out the information thread HERE for all of the fun and games that will be taking place soon. There are also a bunch of project updates to be given this week as some awesome progress was made that you all should be informed of! So other then that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the MCME Summer Times.

The Two Trees Summer Event
Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week has the theme of Your Country, be sure to model yourself in either...
by Fireinferno13 at 7:05 PM
(728 Views / 9 Likes)
Opening Statement

The MCME Summer Two Trees Event is still going strong! Make sure to post below what events you have been to and which you enjoyed the most so far. If you want more information on the event, be sure to click HERE for all of the fun and games that will be taking place this week and for the rest of this month. Other then that, get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy another edition of the MCME Summer Times

The Two Trees Summer Event
Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week has the theme of Favorite Super Hero, be sure to model yourself after that super hero (or villain really) that inspires you...
by SugarKoala at 5:22 PM
(1,139 Views / 5 Likes)
~MCME Award Ceremony~
August 29th 22:00 BST (GMT +1)

It’s almost time to suit up and get snazzy with it. Honey, where is my super suit?
Whether you’re too loud on teamspeak, technologically inadept or most likely to get offended, you too have a chance of winning a SuperFish Award.

A night filled with a lack of honour and grace, we present members of the community these prestigious awards based on nominations and voting from the masses. (That’s you)

So starting today nominations for these awards are open until the 18th when these will then get narrowed down to the top 4 and voting will commence. So be sure that everyone nominates your favourite couple or they might not make the cut!

Do you like the nostalgic form theme?

If you wish to make several nominations for one category please fill in a new form to do so. Also I...​
by JordD04 at 10:36 PM
(1,875 Views / 11 Likes)
Running 24/7

Allo Ladies and Gent!
It's finally here! The PVP server!

Firstly a few simple rules:
Everything in the MCME TOS and Rules
The rules for The Walls - Siege are on the wall in the spawn room
For Connect 4 only press one button per turn
For Spleef if you are the last person on a level, you must jump down.

Anyone found to be purposely breaking or ignoring the rules will be dealt with appropriately by the Moderators.

Server ip: pvpgame.mcmiddleearth.com

Basic game mechanics:
To jump between worlds type /jump [name of world], from here you will need a Moderator to active team selecting and start the game.
Some people appear to be spawning in the Connect4 world, if this happens just do /jump PVPSpawn.

The worlds are: