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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

    To get started, visit The New Player Guide

    Joining the server

    Joining the server can be done straight away, but you will have to pass the New Player Quiz. Use the The New Player Guide to get acquainted with our community.

    IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com

Frequently Asked Questions

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These are answers to questions frequently asked by players new to Minecraft Middle Earth.
You should take some time to get familiar with our Rules.

General FAQ

What is this community/server?
This is a build server called Minecraft Middle-earth, or MCME for short. We’re dedicated to building the world of Lord of the Rings in Minecraft: Java Edition.

Why is it only available on Java Edition? Why not Bedrock?
It’s complicated.
Minecraft Bedrock is basically a different game. It uses different account systems, network protocols, and resource packs. There are plugins to translate network protocols. There are also plugins to switch off account validation of Bedrock clients (but that's probably a big security issue). The main hurdle is the resource packs. Bedrock packs work quite differently. While there are programs to convert resource packs, our packs are quite special and will require a lot of work to fully convert to Bedrock. The amount of time invested into the RTX Minas Tirith map showed us that there are many more hurdles to overcome when converting our map to Bedrock than we anticipated. The biggest problem here is that there aren't enough vanilla block states to accommodate all of our blocks. We are really open to the idea but without the workforce and the knowledge for converting RPs this is not a project we are able to attempt.

How do I download the map?
We don’t offer our map to download.

We know what you’re probably thinking- why not? The map being exclusive to our server is the main attraction and reason for our community continuing to exist. It draws in new players and potential future builders to continue the work that’s already been done.

If we made the map available for download, there would not only be plenty of communities or people who would claim credit for our builds, but they would attempt to continue our work themselves, which would divide everyone interested in finishing the world between many different maps and servers. Not only would our community most likely die, but the map would likely never be finished with such a divided community.

Can I do anything? How do I build?
If you’re not interested in building, then you’re free to explore the world and go wherever you want! A good start would be to follow the footsteps of the Fellowship, which you’ll find leading out of Bag End, the spawn. You can also participate in minigames like hide and seek, PvP, races, and quizzes, as well as guided tours, when they’re hosted.

If you want to build, then there’s some things to keep in mind. The main world normally has building restrictions, so anyone not on the Builder team can’t freely build. Don’t worry though, there’s a couple of ways you can still build and get involved- jobs, plot builds, and theme builds.

What is a job? How do I get one?
A job isn’t like an actual job- it’s just what we call our building events. Jobs are usually hosted by Designers or Foremen, where they’ll choose an area of the map that needs help from many hands, and designate it as the job site. Once the job starts, it’ll show up in the chat, and anyone who joins the job will have permission to build within the chosen area. Jobs will almost always require being in the Jobs and Projects channel on our Discord- we also announce our jobs there too, if you’re not on the server to see one start. You don’t have to use a microphone if you don't have one, or are uncomfortable using one.

What is Discord? How do I connect to it?
Discord is a program for text and voice chat. It is available for free here.

Once you’ve made an account, you can join our Discord server by clicking this!
Once you’re connected, check out the Server Guide.

What is a plot build?
Plot builds allow Adventurers and Commoners to build on the main map within a confined area. This is a good way to get into building on MCME. Plot builds are managed by either Designers or Foremen, and are normally handed out to Commoners, as they are more trusted members of the community. However, they are also open to Adventurers. The Designer or Foreman, called plot staff, will assign you to a plot which is outlined by purple wool. Once you are given a plot, there are some commands that you’ll need to know, which are highlighted in blue here.

What is a theme build?
Theme builds allow Adventurers and Commoners to build within a plot in the theme world. The builds are organized according to themes, which change every week. You can find the current and past themes here. They are another good way to get into building on MCME, and are one of the main requirements for any Artist application.

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the current theme, you can access the theme server with “/theme”, where you’ll spawn directly in front of your own plot. If you lose your plot, you can teleport to it with “/theme toplot”.

How do I get a rank?
The rank after Adventurer is Commoner. To get Commoner, you’ll need 10 votes from Team Members, which include everyone above Adventurers and Commoners- you can find the full list of ranks here. You usually get votes based on your activity on the server, friendliness, and participation in events, jobs, minigames, PvP, and tours.

You can also apply for other ranks, like Artist and Guide, here.

What is a badge?
A badge is a set of server permissions assigned to your account that is separate from your rank. You can find a list of them at the bottom here. They can all be applied for here.

How do I get a horse?
As we are a build server, all mobs are disabled so they cannot be found on the map, nor can they be spawned by Staff. However, as a thank you from us, horses are available to those who have supported the server. Check here for more information.

Do I really have to walk everywhere?
Nope! You can fly by using “/fly”, and you’re also able to teleport to places and players, using “/warp (location name)” and “/tpa (player name)” respectively. Examples include /warp Minas Tirith and /tpa _Shen. You can also use the Book of Warps, usually found in the chests of Bag End, to teleport to locations by clicking on the location names in it. If you didn’t get one, don’t worry- you can do “/library give Warps” (make sure the W is capitalized) to spawn one for yourself!

Is there somewhere I can build where I want?
We have a separate server called “Freebuild”, where you can build whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as it follows the rules. However, you will have to become Commoner first in order to access it.

How can I do PvP?
We have two different kinds of PvP available on the server- the first you can find at “/warp arena”, where you’ll be provided with equipment via pressure plates, and a small space where you are able to damage and kill other players. The second is our proper PvP server, which is managed and opened by Guides- there you’ll be able to participate in different game modes on different maps, which you can find a list of here.

What are some useful commands I should know?
/fbt - full brightness, or night vision
/fly - enable creative mode’s flying
/helper map - provides a link to a dynamic map of every server’s world
/moria - teleport to the Moria world
/msg (player) (message) - PM another player
/ptime (time of day) - set the time client-side
/pweather (weather) - set the weather client-side
/rp - show a list of our resource packs, and instructions to automatically download them
/rp variant footprints - make the Fellowship’s footprints bright orange for visibility
/tpa (player) - request a teleport to another player
/warp (location) - warp to a location on any server, depending on access
/world - return to the main world

What shaders do you use in your screenshots & videos? What should I use on the server?
For our YouTube channel, we mainly use Chocapic13 v9 Extreme, though we use others depending on what sorts of shots we're trying to get. For other social media posts/videos, our screenshotters use a variety of shaders, including (but not limited to): Chocapic13, Complementary, Kappa, Nostalgia, SEUS Renewed, Voyager, Wisdom, and Ymir (Beta version).

If you're looking for a shader to use for exploring the map, our recommendations include Chocapic13 v9 Medium, Complementary, MakeUp Ultra Fast, and SEUS Renewed. (Looking for a good shader for Moria or other caves? Try BSL or Dying Light Shader!) Although these shaders are picked primarily for their on-average higher performance while maintaining a look suitable for exploring our server, the performance can still vary from device to device, and we suggest trying each one yourself to decide precisely which is best for you and your specs. If you have any other questions related to shaders on the server, feel free to ask us on our Discord server.

Keep in mind that Iris Shaders are not compatible with our resource packs.

I have a question not on here, or need more help.
You can ask for more assistance on our forums at Get Help, or ask any Staff or Team members on Discord or the server.

Rules FAQ

Which mods are allowed?
Generally, all mods beside buildhacks, flymods, speedhacks, or anything that gives an advantage in minigames are permitted. There is even a guide in the forums’ Resources section on how to install a bundle with useful creative mode mods such as a larger hotbar, a minimap, and OptiFine.

Why is promoting other servers, YouTube channels, etc prohibited?
A lot of effort has been put into advertising MCME in the past years. We have made videos, taken care of our social media, optimized our pages in order to get higher up in the Google Search results, made collaborations with YouTubers, etc.

If you advertise another server or a personal project of yours on MCME in order to generate exposure for you, you are basically using MCME as an advertisement platform where MCME has nothing to gain from. That’s why it is unfair to use the MCME Network to gather people for a project that may draw people away from MCME.

I want to make a YouTube video about MCME and use it on my channel. Can I do that?
Yes, we only have two conditions:
  1. We receive credit by using our name or acronym and by supplying your users with a URL to our homepage.
  2. Do not make it appear as an official MCME video by using our logos or style identity. Make the video about you and your brand/style instead!
Also: Don't forget to use the correct resource pack or many of the builds will look strange!

A lot of things require permission, where can I get such permission?
Here is a list of common situations. We can’t cover all of them, so if you need permission for something that is not listed here, you can contact q220 or one of the Valar (Head/Admin positions). The best way to do this is by using the forums’ private conversation feature https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/community/conversations/add.
  • Building on the main map, while being part of an ongoing project: Designer
  • Building on the main map, any other situation: Head Builder
  • Building on Plotworld: Head Builder
  • Contributing to a build on Freebuild: The person who started the build
  • Wanting a video you made to be official or on the YT channel: TotiGonzales
  • Receive part of the map for a render: q220
  • Using MCME content outside of MCME: TotiGonzales
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