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Recent content by arathorn867

  1. arathorn867

    LOL That Droog Said...

    So the guy is a bit over-ambitious, but it looks like people were unnecessarily rude to him in these shots. How about directing him straight to the forum instead of calling him names? Or just ignore him...
  2. arathorn867

    Upcoming name changes

    Might change it to Galdanond or Elberen, since that is what my name is on LOTRO. arathorn867 is the name Runescape assigned me when I tried to use Arathorn for my username years ago. But I've been arathorn867 for a long time online, so I might stick with it.
  3. arathorn867

    Balrog Riddle

    Nah, not rude enough, and didn't throw any empty bottles or chip bags in the river.
  4. arathorn867

    Minecraft Middle-earth Quotes Thread

    He only has one voice? Doesn't it get lonely? I never go anywhere unless I take at least three of mine with me.
  5. arathorn867


    In 1.8 the bunnies hate you. I've heard there's a new boss mob that's a bunny.
  6. arathorn867

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    Missing block in Osgiliath. I know it's going to be ruined, but this pillar is hollow, so if this block is supposed to be missing, I think it(the pillar) needs to be filled.
  7. arathorn867

    Least favorite parts of the Lore

    Perhaps Tom is part of Melkor, the last remnant of the power and goodness that he had when he was first created, before he corrupted himself and became Morgoth.
  8. arathorn867

    Lore questions and answer

    Black SPeech sign language is pretty simple, actually. It consists of a few basic motions. The first and most common is swinging your arms wildly while holding jagged swords. This means "I hate everybody, and I want to kill and eat you". The next is cringing while holding your arms over your...
  9. arathorn867

    Funny Pics and Vids

  10. arathorn867

    Lore questions and answer

    I believe in some of his other writings, not sure which (unfinished tales? Not Silmarillion), he alludes to something similar, and uses it to link middle earth with the modern world. I haven't read some of the newer books though, so I can't give a definitive answer.
  11. arathorn867

    Lore questions and answer

    I believe Tolkien refers to non-Numenoreans as lesser men occasionally. I always understood it to be related to their lifespan principally. The original Numenoreans lived for hundreds of years, while the others still lived for under a century.
  12. arathorn867

    Minecraft Middle-earth Quotes Thread

    That is VERY true.
  13. arathorn867

    Minecraft Middle-earth Quotes Thread

    The average person lives to 80, in 50 years when you are old it might be 120. So, if you don't die unexpectedly, you've likely only lived a tenth of your life. The average age globally is something like 30, so you're not quite there. Can't buy alcohol, cigarettes, spray paint, or permanent...
  14. arathorn867

    LOL That Droog Said...

    And that is one way to teach people the importance of reading the guides. You forgot to tell him that he needed to jump into mount doom wearing an eagle skin after he finished bowing to the tree.