• Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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Terms and rules

Minecraft Middle-Earth (MCME) Rules and Terms of Service

  1. Definitions

    1. Purpose

      The purpose of the rules laid out in this document is to ensure we all have an environment in which everyone can enjoy themselves regardless of their cultural background and ideologies.

    2. MCME Network

      The MCME Network consists of, but is not limited to, the following set of services provided by MCME:

      1. "Main" Minecraft server (build.mcmiddleearth.com), consisting of the “Build” and Moria map, Freebuild, Plotworld, Themed-Builds, New Player World and Staff World.

      2. "Forums" webpage (https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/*)

      3. MCME Discord

      4. MCME Dynmap (http://map.mcmiddleearth.com/)

      5. Secondary servers such as: PVP server, Survival server, Event servers, Development server and Cinematic server.

      6. Official, rank- or event-specific Google-Drive folders and documents.

      7. MCME Social media channels such as: Youtube channel, Facebook page and Twitter channel.

    3. MCME Content

      All data contained within the MCME Network is generally considered content owned by MCME. This includes, but is not limited to:

      1. The Minecraft maps used on the MCME servers.

      2. Player data files (inventory and container contents, permissions, perks…).

      3. Software developed for MCME

      4. Forum content

      5. Graphical contributions (screenshots, logos, official videos).

      6. Sound contributions (sound files, music).

    4. MCME Community & Members

      The MCME Community consists of all registered players that are part of the MCME project who are not permanently banned. Everyone can join and leave the community at any time.

    5. Roles and functions

      Members of the MCME Network can carry a certain role or function. Each role has an additional document laying out role-specific guidelines and permissions.

      A full overview of all the roles and their responsabilities or functions, is available at Ranks and Duties

    6. Rules and punishments

      1. Applicability and scope:

        The MCME Rules apply to the entire MCME Network, where technically sensible. The Rules consist of all that is laid out in this document and may be extended by the official rank manuals that apply for holders of specific ranks and can be found within the Resources section on the MCME website.
        All MCME Members using any of the services provided by MCME are bound to these Rules.

      2. Moderator responsibility:

        The players with the Moderator role are responsible to ensure that these rules are being respected. Moderator have the ability to restrict access to parts or all of the MCME Network for a player disrespecting these rules, given proper evidence can be collected.

      3. Punishments:

        Punishments include, among other more special cases, muting (inability to chat), kicking a player as a warning, demotion to the temporary restrictive Oathbreaker role, banning from parts or all of the MCME Network and exclusion from (re-)gaining certain ranks, functions and permissions.

      4. Oathbreaker:

        A demotion to Oathbreaker is issued for less severe infractions. Depending on the severity 1st grade and 2nd grade Oathbreaker are distinguished. Either grade includes requiring the player to walk to an appointed location on the main build map. 2nd grade oathbreakers additionally need to wait at least a week until they can get promoted back. If the player held a higher rank than Commoner it is up to the respective Head whether the initial rank can be regained or not.

      5. Bans:

        Only upon severe infraction and if the Moderators / Heads are sure to have identified the infraction as having been malevolent, i.e. the player purposely broke the rules to cause drama or other damage to the MCME Network or Community, a ban is issued which means no further access to the Main server and/or Discord. In special cases the access to other parts of the MCME Network can be restricted as well. Access to the Forums usually remains in order to offer communication to clarify the case. A ban may be labelled “Appealable”, which means that the ban can sometimes be lifted by writing a Ban Appeal on the Forums. Temporary bans may be invoked which do expire after a specified time and do not require appealing.

        In the case of an appeal, the ban appeal will be handled by a person (Moderator or Head) who has not issued the punishment.

  2. Golden Rule

    Please use common sense when joining our community and interacting with people.

    It does not mean that because there are actions that are deemed prohibited by the Terms of Service, that actions who are not in the Terms of Service can never be prohibited.

    Behaviour that won't be tolerated in the real world will not be tolerated here either.

  3. Communication

    The following rules apply to all written and spoken communication within any part of the MCME Network, or as specified:

    1. Chat rules

      1. Please use English in all public channels. Other languages may be used if all involved players can understand it, else use a private communication channel or private message if in game.

      2. Please refrain from meaningless statements flooding chat, talking over others/not allowing others to talk, saying/posting the same things over and over again and playing music or excessive sounds in other channels than the ones intended for playing music.

      3. Excessive use of caps lock / upper case words is seen as being rude by many people.

    2. Topics

      In order to avoid unsettling, offending and other sorts of undesirable discussions or statements (including images and other graphical content) any of the following kinds of submissions are discouraged:

      1. Racism, homophobic statements, sexism and any sort of discrimination.

      2. Harassing, intimidating, insulting people (regardless of whether they are present or not.) or excessive swearing.

      3. Adult content such as gore or pornography.

      4. Religion and politics.

      5. Advertising of other servers and communities as well as encouraging players to buy any commercial product.

  4. Usernames and account permissions

    1. Inappropriate usernames, especially ones falling into one of the categories listed in the discouraged topics above, are not accepted to be used on the MCME Network.

    2. The usernames picked on the Forums, Discord, Teamspeak and elsewhere need to match the username used on Minecraft.

    3. Impersonating other members of the MCME Community, i.e. by using a very similar username, for malevolent or deceptive purposes is not allowed.

    4. Using alternate accounts or other means to circumvent punishments is not allowed.

    5. Distributing access to restricted areas of MCME, such as sharing passwords or whitelisting other players on special servers is not allowed.

    6. Creating accounts in name of MCME to use on other forums or platforms (for example Facebook accounts, other social platforms, Minecraft server listings, ...) or creating accounts that act as if they are affiliated to Minecraft Middle-earth are prohibited. Exceptions are solely granted by the Founder.

    7. Acting as a representative or spokesman of MCME in any communications, also ones outside the MCME Network, is prohibited.

  5. Game

    These rules are to be respected while playing on any of the MCME Minecraft servers:

    1. The MCME project is a creative build project and none of the MCME maps, except during special Survival events, are intended for playing Survival Minecraft. Harvesting / mining resources is not allowed.

    2. Attempts to harmfully destroy parts of the map, the world, project sites, landmarks, etc. (“griefing”) is prohibited.

    3. Building on the Main map requires permission by a player with a higher rank or one who is permitted to build and pass this permission on. Only because building may not be restricted through technical means this does not mean building permission is granted automatically!

    4. Build world:

      Building on the main / build map is usually permitted, and also encouraged, in these situations:

      1. During Jobs lead by a Foreman or Designer.

      2. During Plotbuilds, after a plot has been claimed by, or assigned to you.

      3. For players with role Artist and up, as specified in the respective rank manual.

    5. Plotworld:

      The Plotworld map is not a Freebuild map! Plotworld is used to test and develop builds intended for the Main map, players with a role lower than Designer require special permission to build on Plotworld.

    6. Themed-build world:

      Building is permitted after having claimed a plot. Themed-build plots are intended to be used for building the themes announced weekly on the Themed-builds forums solely. Off-topic builds may be removed, builds deemed inappropriate sentenced.

    7. Freebuild world:

      Freebuild: All players with role of Commoner and above have access to the Freebuild map. The following rules apply on this map:

      1. When starting a new build, leave at least 50 blocks of empty space between yours and any other builds. If over time builds grow very close together, kindly ask a Designer to move either of the builds.

      2. Contributing to and/or changing anything on another’s builds is only allowed if you’ve gotten the explicit permission by the builder of the other project.

      3. Granting other players permission to build on a certain build is only allowed if you are the owner of this project or have been made eligible to grant this permission by the owner.

    8. Other maps and servers:

      Other maps and servers: Generally build permissions need to be granted explicitly. Exceptions are for example Survival events.

    9. Building anything that falls into any of the categories of discouraged topics↑ is not allowed.

    10. Not following the instructions provided in written or spoken form, i.e. during a job, or hindering other players from building may lead to the exclusion from this job or similar.

    11. Usage of third-party mods that can cause damage to MCME or other players, i.e. by causing performance hits, is not allowed. This mainly includes:

      1. Fly mods and speed hacks.

      2. Mods that can destroy / alter the build maps (Build hacks, Nukers).

      3. Mods that give someone an unfair advantage, i.e. X-Ray mods during survival events.

    12. Certain parts of the MCME Network (i.e. Freebuild or PvP) may be restricted during jobs and projects.

    13. Continuously asking other players for votes to gain the Commoner rank is discouraged. Voicing interest in getting the rank is fine, but the votes should be earned through showing interest in the server and a positive attitude.

    14. Helping oathbreakers by leading them to their destinations, accompany or follow them, giving them directions, placing blocks in an effort to help, or trying to help them through other means, is prohibited.

  6. MCME Network and Content

    1. Downloading or copying and permanently storing any parts of the Main build map for use beyond the MCME Network is prohibited. Special permission can be requested by contacting the Administrator.

    2. Sharing the MCME Resource Packs without the correct license (see below) is prohibited.

    3. Sharing any other MCME Content requires permission.

    4. Using or encouraging others to use our Network for any illegal purpose is not allowed.

    5. Interfering with any security-related features of the Network is not allowed.

    6. Interfering with our communications is not allowed (manipulation or interception of packets, overloading servers with requests, ...)

  7. Terms of Service

    1. Applicability

      By using any of the services supplied by the MCME Network, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service, and that you agree with the Rules.

    2. Disclaimer

      Minecraft Middle-earth is not affiliated with Mojang AB, Microsoft, The Tolkien Estate or Middle Earth Enterprises.
      We are a non-profit, unregistered online entity of enthusiastic fans with no source of revenue except for donations and a few financial backers, who all chose to voluntarily help Minecraft Middle-earth with no expectations of having something in return.

    3. Content ownership

      All content as defined above may be retained, removed, or relocated at the discretion of the Administrator. By submitting content to our Network, or by submitting content to staff or server email accounts or other contact media, or by creating content on our Network, you grant Minecraft Middle-earth perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, rights to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, prepare derivative works of, perform, or publicly display that content.
      All content made available to the public, most notably the MCME Resource Packs, are licensed as follows:

      CC-BY-NC-SA license icon
      Minecraft Middle-earth by Minecraft Middle-earth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at www.mcmiddleearth.com.

      Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.mcmiddleearth.com/help/terms.

    4. Privacy

      All personal information collected by Minecraft Middle-earth will not be disclosed or distributed to any other entities unless the permission is obtained from the account holder. We only keep track of our users through the use of cookies, for statistical purposes to improve our website, and to track the traffic of our visitors. Https is used on the entire website to secure transmission of information.

    5. Donations

      1. Access to the Network is completely free of any charge. As such, donations are fully optional and not required to join and experience our community. Minecraft Middle-earth does not generate revenue, and is not a commercial entity.

      2. By donating you are not entitled to any physical or virtual good. A donation is not a purchase. As defined, a donation is an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant or contribution with no expectation of anything in return.

      3. A refund of your donation will not be made under any circumstances. You agree to not buy back, stop credit, or force charge-back on donations. If you are banned or your access is restricted because you violated this Terms of Service and Rules, you will not be entitled to a refund.

      4. In extreme rare cases, such as billed multiple times due to technical or human errors, you are entitled to a refund. Please contact the Administrator for this by using the Contact Us page.

    6. Additional terms for staff members

      All staff are bound to the following additional terms: Staff are to promote a safe, fun, and friendly environment within the MCME Network. A Staff position equals contributing to the project in a voluntary way, and doesn't entitle you to special treatment or payment. Staff are also bound to these Terms of Service and Rules at all times. Certain Staff ranks have their own set of procedures and documentation to follow, which are described in a Rank Manual. They will follow these instructions described by the official manuals provided for them. The Head Builder is in charge of the rank manual for Designers, the Head Enforcer is in charge of the Moderator Manual.
      Any staff members that are unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties and responsibilities are subject to the loss of their rank. Administrators retain the right to revoke a user’s rank without warning.

    7. Changes to these Terms of Service and Rules

      Minecraft Middle-earth reserves the right to update and change these Terms of Service and Rules without notice. While Minecraft Middle-earth prohibits illegal activity and uses measures towards prohibiting illegal activity, you understand and agree that we cannot be made responsible for the Content and actions of our members.

Q. Why is promoting other servers prohibited?
A. A lot of effort has been put into advertising MCME in the past years. We have made videos, took care of our Facebook page, optimised our pages in order to get higher up in the Google search results, made collaborations with Youtubers… If you advertise another server or a personal project of yours on MCME you are basically abusing all this effort MCME members had for something MCME does not gain anything from. That’s why it is unfair to use the MCME Network to gather people for a project that may even draw people away from MCME and thus we don’t permit doing that.
Q. I want to make a Youtube video about MCME and post it on my channel. Am I allowed to do that?
A. Yes, you are allowed to do that, under two conditions: 1) You need to credit MCME in the Video description (Put a link to the MCME homepage) and 2) do not make it look like it is an official MCME video, but your personal product. Furthermore please make sure you use the matching MCME Resource Pack when recording as many builds look strange otherwise.
Q. Your rules are incredibly strict! Am I even allowed to do anything???
A. We wished that all it’d take to make MCME remain friendly is to ask people to follow the golden rule and figure out themselves what is okay and what not. But on one hand there’s unfortunately a lot of people who find a lot of pleasure in pushing boundaries and stirring trouble. It’s really mostly those people most of the rules have been written for. On the other hand, due to the anonymity of the internet, a lot of things that would be unthinkable to do in real life are widely tolerated online. Even though it’s hard to maintain, the MCME Staff team is sure that we do not want the “generic youtube comment” tone here on MCME.
Q. What about posting memes?
A. Memes and other jokes are worth a good laugh for most players, so generally you’re very welcome to post memes, or also very popular: Make own MCME-related memes. But take care and think before you post, as a meme quickly gets borderline. Especially if you make memes that single out specific persons in a not-so-glorious way you really should make sure it is worded and presented so that it is not destructive and that the affected person can take it in. Using memes to criticise and offend people or decisions that were made is discouraged, as it’s only stirring drama and not constructive. If you have an issue with something, tackle it by discussing about it, not by venting your anger with memes.
Q. A lot of things require “explicit permission”, where can I get such a permission?
A. Here’s a selection of common situations, of course not all of them can be covered. So if the permission you’re looking for is not listed here you best message an Administrator (q220, Heads and Valar). Asking for permission is done best by writing a message on the Forums to the respective person, or ask ingame if you happen to catch the player online. In many situations it may not even be very tough to gain the permission you’d like to gain, but we keep those exceptional to avoid certain chaotic situations.
All of these mainly apply for non-staff members:
  • Building on the main map, when part of an ongoing project: Designer

  • Building on the main map, all other situations: Head Builder

  • Building on Plotworld: Head Builder

  • Contributing to a build on Freebuild: Owner of the respective build

  • Wanting a video you made to be 'official': q220

  • Download parts of the main map for a personal project: q220

  • Using other MCME Content outside MCME: q220

Q. Why are flymods forbidden? And which mods are allowed?
A. Many flymods allow an almost unlimited flying speed. This makes the server load a reasonably larger amount of the map at once which may cause hits on the server’s performance (“Lag”) which is annoying for everyone else. Flymods are thus a privilege for staff members who need it to efficiently shape large areas of terrain.

All mods beside flymods / speedhacks and buildhacks are generally permitted. There is even a guide in the Forums’ Resources section on how to install a bundle with useful creative mode mods such as Optifine, a minimap and a larger hotbar.