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    Contest Contest: Avallónë concepts

    IGN: Ben_the_Epic, MatthewVP, wazowskithemerry Groupname: Crying with Nikocado
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    Accepted Ben_the_Epic

    Thank you Thr33!!
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    Accepted Ben_the_Epic

    Thank you so much Creep! ❤
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    Accepted Ben_the_Epic

    Minecraft Username: Ben_the_Epic Date Joined: May 26th, 2019 What country are you from / What time do you usually play online: The United States - I usually play on the server between 4 pm and 12 pm CST. Do you talk on our voice communication: Yes What makes a great Guide according to...
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    Themed Build Ideas

    here are some ideas for Theme builds that might be fun! :) -Vinyard of Dorwinion (would make for an interesting mix of Northmen and elven architecture) -Haradrim encampment - A settlement of the Snowmen, or Lossoth - An elven settlement in northern Mirkwood. -Throne of Thranduil...