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    Minecraft Username : boostoo Date Joined : 02 July 1998 Are you regularly logged on Teamspeak? Yes Do you talk on Teamspeak? No What makes a great Ranger according to you? Well, I think that a good ranger should always jump to help new players wherever they are able. They should have a large...
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    Minecraft Username : boostoo Date Joined : 13 December 2012 Themed Build participated in: Forannest and Cross-Roads Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: http://imgur.com/a/JsoKA, http://imgur.com/a/Q0HJB, http://imgur.com/a/ZHWhE What is your prefered building style? My favorite things to...
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    Themed Build Ideas

    -Rammas Echor (a segment) -Dale -Pelennor Farm/Orchard/Silo -Hobbit hole -Rohan camp -Minas Tirith gate -Paths of the Dead