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  1. Duke0fwellingt0n

    ~The MCME Times~[01/11/2020]

    One of the very few things I know in Sindarin, Ithil is the word for moon and the city that use to have this name was Minas Ithil before becoming known as Minas Morgul.
  2. Duke0fwellingt0n

    Accepted Duke0fWellingt0n's Limited WE Application

    When did you join? I joined on April 12th 2019 What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had the rank? I have been artist since November 10th How experienced are you in FAWE? I have a basic knowledge of WE, but this is all I need for the time Will you need instructions in...
  3. Duke0fwellingt0n

    Accepted Duke0fWellingt0n's Artist Application

    Links: Well It happened :I my app is over the character limit, so I have now put the links here
  4. Duke0fwellingt0n

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    When they crossed the mountains it was during the winter, our server is set in the spring or summer so conditions will be much better
  5. Duke0fwellingt0n

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    @Husarl when you are following the path you should see is that some footprints are backwards, it is a bit weird but when they stop you need to turn around
  6. Duke0fwellingt0n

    ~The New MCME Times~[9/22/2019]

    Soarz get the times in!
  7. Duke0fwellingt0n

    ~The New MCME Times~[9/8/2019]

    Aww I missed the MCME battle royal event
  8. Duke0fwellingt0n

    Happy Birthday @Arkengard !

    Happy Birthday @Arkengard !
  9. Duke0fwellingt0n

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Duke0fwellingt0n

    #36/19 - Ship

    I meant the theme that is being voted on for next week, we had lake town like 6 months ago
  11. Duke0fwellingt0n

    #36/19 - Ship

    Didn't we do lake town like 8 themes ago?
  12. Duke0fwellingt0n

    Finished Moria Mines contest

    Ruben advertising his own Realism Guide smh