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Recent content by FlatBoulders

  1. Tilt-Shift Dunland

    Tilt-Shift Dunland

  2. Ossarnen


  3. Mount Monachus

    Mount Monachus

  4. Night hits Sunderborough

    Night hits Sunderborough

  5. Sunset over Aelhroth

    Sunset over Aelhroth

  6. Night hits the Trolls, but they do not awake.

    Night hits the Trolls, but they do not awake.

  7. Trollshaw Sunrise

    Trollshaw Sunrise

  8. Destroyed Helm's Deep

    Destroyed Helm's Deep

  9. Crumbled Helm's Deep

    Crumbled Helm's Deep

  10. Crumbled Helm's Deep 2

    Crumbled Helm's Deep 2

  11. FlatBoulders

    Artist/builder Feedback

    Hi Will! After trying out the themed build I want some advice for improving my build to "Artist Rank" material. Is there anything I can improve to make it either more Middle-Earthy or just plain better?
  12. FlatBoulders

    Cancelled UPDATE: FlatBoulders Application for Artist Rank

    While I'm not expecting to be an artist first time, but I want to show my dedication to the server and get feedback on my builds to improve. Anyway: I joined about two weeks ago and I have participated in multiple teamed jobs, mainly building and filling out roads and rivers (here and here). I...