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Recent content by Indorilian

  1. Indorilian

    MCME Reunion Media Submissions thread

    The real question if there’s any heroes out there who recorded Aleks rubbing mustard on his nipples with a fork.
  2. Indorilian

    MCME 10th Anniversary Celebration and Awards

    If they allow you to go I’ll come
  3. Indorilian

    This afternoon I'm still really sad

    Wait there’s guide drama and no one contacted me? This is what I live for.
  4. Indorilian

    I can finally tell everyone the thing I've been involved in away from MCME.

    Imma go ahead and assume you got permission from Q or otherwise got permission to post this since this technically breaks the ToS for advertising other communities.
  5. Indorilian

    A bit busy but I'll be back soon

    Going Away Thread
  6. Indorilian

    Memories over the years

    There’s already a nostalgia thread
  7. Indorilian

    Youtuber and Builder Team Gathering Project

    Well this is a mess.
  8. Indorilian

    Builders Purge

    You know, naming the thread “purge” might rub some people the wrong way. Also might have been best to include a list unless you’re saving it for the Times. If you are you probably should have put it here instead.
  9. Indorilian

    21st Hall Book Version and Movie Version Discussion

    There’s a thing called digital color grading that was done over pretty much every scene in the movies. The stone of the hall isn’t greyish green, there’s basically just a greyish green filter placed over the scene. Same reason why hobbiton is so green that it looks almost unnatural and too...
  10. Indorilian

    Moria Adventure Map

    Just fyi it’s against the TOS to download anything from the server
  11. Indorilian

    Resolved About that Commoner

    Considering I literally asked for it from @BWOT and was just given it, I think an exception can be made for someone who’s been around since 2010.
  12. Indorilian

    Two New Ranks Coming to MCME!

    So is this going to be like last time, where ranks got super bloated and in a year it’ll go back to just having like 5 ranks
  13. Indorilian

    Inviting YouTuber Keralis for a tour?

    Except this isn’t a graph of averages, it’s a graph of maxes. You could have had one day in June that had 30 people due to some special event and the rest of the days could have had 12 people max, but this graph would still use the 30 people day as the statistic. It’s a bad graph for the point...
  14. Indorilian

    Inviting YouTuber Keralis for a tour?

    First, the graph shows max people connected in a month, not average. Second, the max in March before keralis was around 28-29, which now in June the max looks to be around 30. So more 3-5% increase, not 15%. EDIT: I honestly think this was a poor choice of graph for Ruben to get his point...
  15. Indorilian

    Inviting YouTuber Keralis for a tour?

    If your definition of success is a month of increasing player count followed by a month of decreasing player count right back to where it was before the video released, then sure, we can call it a success.
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