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Recent content by Irdrach

  1. Irdrach

    #7/15 Durthang

    Bummed that it is looking like I won't get to finish my Durthang TB. Installed Windows 7 to replace my Windows XP that I have been using for years and now windows 7 won't recognize my SATA drive (which is where Windows7 is installed). Good luck to all of you doing the TB. :)
  2. Irdrach

    #7/15 Durthang

    How do I go about requesting that my previous ThemedBuild, Lond Daer, be moved so that I can continue to work on it? I really feel that there is a lot that I can learn from re-doing some parts and finishing it up. :)
  3. Irdrach

    #4/15 The Green Dragon Inn

    I understand. By hand is how I've always done it until you told me about /fill, so by hand I will continue. :) Thanks again for the support...Onward to Minas Tirith of old!
  4. Irdrach

    #4/15 The Green Dragon Inn

    Hi all. Went on Freebuild server last night and reserved a plot to do the ThemedBuild, thinking it was going to be for the new one. When I did /Theme toplot I realized that it was still The Green Dragon Inn. As per the previous post I have *sort of* already done that one. But I figured I...
  5. Irdrach

    #4/15 The Green Dragon Inn

    Ok. So there's a lot I don't know about how to participate in a Themed Build. I hope to get that straightened out before the next one starts. In the interim, I decided to just try my hand at building The Green Dragon Inn on my own MC Middle Earth practice world. I tried to re-create the look...
  6. Irdrach

    #4/15 The Green Dragon Inn

    Thanks very much for the help and the quick response. I'll be giving it a try this evening :) (Future Builder) Drach
  7. Irdrach

    #4/15 The Green Dragon Inn

    I am new here, so I hope this is ok to post here: Regarding this part of the ThemedBuild process: "Staff will not help you with terraforming, copy-pasting, flipping or moving your ThemedBuilds. They can however move your ThemedBuild to a different world when the time has run out. This is to...
  8. Irdrach

    Seven Gates of Gondolin

    Will_em, thank you for clearing that up. Is there a place for a new person (almost decent builder) to practice and learn new skills or is that something I need to do elsewhere?