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  1. Andrast Cliffs Davinci Goldenish

    Andrast Cliffs Davinci Goldenish

    A more recent shot. This is the result of me watching a 25 minute video on woodland photography and getting inspired. For this shot, I chose a less wide aspect ratio to experiment with aspect ratios other than my normal go-to square, 16:9, and 9:16 ones.
  2. Some Coastal Spot in Andrast

    Some Coastal Spot in Andrast

    After a creative rush from June till August, when I got some of my favorite shots to date, I was rather grasping at straws for that creativity and motivation to screenshot. This shot came out of that time in September and isn't doing anything special as a result. It's not bad, but not great either.
  3. Edhellond Aerial Desktop Version - Bliss Shaders

    Edhellond Aerial Desktop Version - Bliss Shaders

    We're all familiar with the landscape angle of Edhellond, so I decided to get one from above at a low FOV. Shot with Bliss Shaders.
  4. Near Windimast Andrast - Bliss Shaders

    Near Windimast Andrast - Bliss Shaders

    The mountains of Andrast near Windimast. I had older shots of this location saved on my cloud, but I wanted to go back and do the area justice with the latest techniques and shaders. Taken with Bliss Shaders, by the way.
  5. Andrast Coast - Bliss Shaders

    Andrast Coast - Bliss Shaders

    The coast of Andrast during a sunset. Shot with Bliss shaders.
  6. Minas Aduial

    Minas Aduial

  7. Andrast Mountains

    Andrast Mountains

    Andrast's mountains with a bit of sunlight shining through. Taken with Chocapic V9 Beta 2. (1920 x 1080p)
  8. Goldarce's Plateau

    Goldarce's Plateau

    A clear view of Goldarce's plateau from the fields of Belfalas. Taken with Kappa.