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In Progress Ackincray's Artist Application


Is going on an adventure!
  • Date: I believe I joined around 11-2 years ago, but I became active around May 18th, 2022.

  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: I have not assisted in any jobs or plot builds as of yet.

  • Themed-builds: I completed the Sunken City theme build.

  • Additional Builds: I have many vanilla builds, but I almost always built them with my friend Marcosponge.

  • Your interests: I mainly enjoy building in a medieval style, as for the server I am open to any style. I mainly enjoy doing city planning and shape work, not so much terraforming and interiors.

  • Your motivation: I have been building for around 10 years now, and always enjoyed the build process. I joined the server hoping to find a good community of builders in order to grow and improve. I have enjoyed the challenge of using all of the new blocks and am looking forward to using them more.


Staff member
Hey Ackincray, your application is looking very promising. The images and various projects you have posted have definitely illustrated that you are a skilled builder, but part of this application process requires applicants to showcase mcme style builds. I'd suggest trying some houses or settlement projects in one of the new gondorian styles (/warp Pelennor Fields, or /warp Harlond, for inspiration). It is also useful to join jobs or claim plots to demonstrate how well you can collaborate with other members. Feel free to message me on discord is you need any assignments (Andrewpioneer#3419), Orruss and Badger are also leading current projects on the server.


Staff member
Hey something is up with the imgur files you have uploaded. They aren't properly loading for us.


Is going on an adventure!
Sorry that I haven't built on MCME in a long time, in the roughly 3 months since the last update, I have been building my castle Mountainhold on a survival SMP.

Along with my small village of Harmstead

I have also partook in 3 jobs (that I cannot name because I cant find them)
Once again sorry that I haven't been building on the server, recently I have been motivated to build in survival. I am still unsure of what project I will start next, if it will be on MCME or not, I cannot say for sure.
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