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Birdo's Insider #2


One Of Us, One of Us

Tuesday, November 28st, 2017

Welcome to the Insider

In today's edition of the insider we are gonna be holding an interview with the one and the only, Pat!! Further on we will be talking about the latest project updates. We will also be adding new sections called the Gossip point, where we will discuss new rumors like Events, meetings, the content of staff meetings as well as any other weird stuff like @Patrick_0901 Book “The Red Wolf”!!.​


EDM isn't real music kids, takes no talent to create it. listen to good stuff that is written using actual music instruments like a guitar, So find some new bands and message me if you think you found a good one!​

Project Progress


Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

Jacen and matt are still working, but as you can see from the screenshot above, they are doing some amazing work so expect big things soon!​

Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

I have heard that there has been no progress in the city, this is a public message to you all, especially you @Thijs1801 get working, i want this city done before Christmas or help me god i'm gonna tell santa to cancel your christmas plans​


Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666

People are getting burnt out from moria so there won’t be too much progress especially with @Patrick_0901 already burnt out and taking some time off to get his energy back. However @Napoleon0605 has been working hard working on hall after hall, let's just give him a round of applause. *Clap Clap Clap*​

Mordor Terrain (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

Fire is taking a break for a bit, but he should be back to work soon.​

Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Darki

Some new terrain smoothing plots have been opened in Ironmere that a run by @thomasd18 (yeahh, you heard right thomas is actually doing his job and running jobs, that's just insane, like honestly what has happened to him. It's probably cause he listens to bad EDM music hence why he doesn't do anything!!). Anyway make sure to join in and help finish this so the city can start and be redone, so it can match the surrounding city and terrain.​

Tree Build (In Progress) - Lead: @RubenPieterMark

Ruben has built all Silver Fir Tree’s so please come down to his plot and help build some, it will help him a lot. So if you a commoner, designer, adventurer, artist, guide, enforcer, head enforcer, head designer, head guide or even the owner of the server, just come down and build a tree! ’​

The Interview ~ Patrick

Welcome to the Interview where i’ll be interviewing random players, they can be anyone from out Heads to a random adventurer that i find walking in my hood. But for the first addition i choose Patrick cause why the hell not.​

How did you find MCME and why did you decide to join?

I was building a moria on my own, and i looked online for some vid, and found milkydemose, it was a Middleearth tour of old moria with fornad and another player, and that inspired me to join, and I liked the building and became intrested to join.​

What led you to stay on the server and how do you like the community

I became really interested in the project the server was working on like Dol Amroth and Moria , he liked the building , I also liked talking to people even when i became burnt out because they are fun to talk to.​

Are there any players that you like to talk to, I remember back in 2016 you and Ganderp where good friends?

Well Gander of course, Great guy. @thomasd18 he is a nice guy, but honestly some off his taste in music is terrible (true dat), and of course @ooitsbirdo, with which I have had many interesting conversation ;) most of them were useless. @Darki too, cause he loves tents. We share a love for tents, he likes tents i like tents…. (discussion then moved on about me also liking tents, sadly this was too hot for this interview to be recorded).​

I know that you are a young man, (in my opinion) do you have any tips for life out there in the working world, E.g like getting your Driver's Licence or finding a job

Follow you ambition, do you best, find a work that you enjoy, don't just go for the money. If you don't like the job, you will work into a depression. With Driver, Learn fast to save money especially in Germany and Netherlands, but don't start to soon as you might find it useless (start when you are 17/18 before getting a job or going uni, also never drunk drive!! never!!!​

Can you explain why @dav3ck and @thomasd18 made this picture of you in Moria

I actually don't know, i think it's because of a meme they made. Weirdos!​

Finally my last question what would be one thing you would change about MCME?

Everything! No no, I would change the way we advertise, there isn't enough opportunities to advertise, we need to branch out and advertise more to get more players to join.​

Any Last words

Goodnight sweet prince , love you, (further talk could not be written down cause of PG 18, ~2hot4u~).​

Funny Side of MCME

This section is all about the funny side of MCME this could be about your funniest experience you have had, so send me a screenshot of funny chat moments anything to be honest that will make people laugh, So @mapthor you can’t post any memes sorry.​


Amazingly these funny moments are provided to you by @mapthor (I know he for once he provided for some funny images, shocker!). Anyway today's funny story is about our beloved former Lord and saviour @WesleysTherories , he was the one we needed in our most darkest moments, he showed us the true light and proposed ideas beyond our knowledge. May he rest in peace now, our sweet prince. But honestly he was mental!

Closing Statement

Thank you for reading today’s addition of Birdo’s Insider. Hope you are excited tho cause next week on The Interview we will be questioning the man himself @dav3ck whilst he is drunk. (Note this a really hard to capture this state of mind so if it doesn't work i'm sorry and instead i will interview @Gary_Baggins or Thomas if worst comes for worst). Also hope you enjoyed today's first guest @Patrick_0901 , thank you for doing this, it was very nice to have that meeting with you. Anyway remember EDM is bad, and Wesley is insane. I’ll will leave you with an ever lasting quote by the everlasting god himself Wesley (#Godcomplex)

"The server needs me. Take this risk, for it will be the greatest choice this server ever makes. Make me an enforcer, and this server will return to the lively and fun place it used to be." -Wesley