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LOL That Droog Said...


Schermafbeelding 2021 08 20 om 115757


Sneaky Anvil Dropper
From reading this section, I’m kinda glad I’m not on during American hours c:
Lot’s of laughs here, I love it!

P.S Was the conversation we had when everyone kept saying /helper map not funny enough for this.
It went something like

How do I see a map?
/helper map
/helper map
/helper map
incase you weren’t sure it’s /helper map
/helper map
/helper map
just to make it clear it’s /helper map
to be clear it is / h e l p e r m a p
I think it was more funny at the time…

And also how did Effie love it at 12:08 when mershy posted at 12:09.
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