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MCME Reunion Media Submissions thread


Former Moderator Manager, King/Valar, ASIS Captain

MCME Reunion Media Submissions thread

Hey everyone

Here be the MCME Reunion Media Submissions Thread. The purpose of this thread is for the older members to post any screenshots and other media that they may still retain. The media posts will be organised into resource and/or library where everyone to access at anytime.

You may find that some media can be located in the MCME Nostalgia Thread and Lol That Droog Said but if anyone would like to highlight any media associated with themselves specifically or to another person in a colleciton post, this would be the best place to put it.

Note: that if there are some media that would not appropriate for public view, please send them to @TheFro2 on either the forums and/or discord as he is currently overseeing putting this project together.​


Former Moderator Manager, King/Valar, ASIS Captain
This is just my own collection and will be adding to it overtime. You will find of these are already posted somewhere on the forums

MCME Awards Ceremony 2014 afterparty photo shoot pics
by @gigo09

MCME 2010

MCME 2011

MCME 2012

MCME 2013

MCME 2014

Also limited edition custom made Kangaroo skin made by SMtg for Jesse Cox's video.

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Yellow Flower Puncher
I found those on my recent pc. Some of them were made a year ago or something but I will update the post once I got the pictures from my other pc :D
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