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In Progress Moria 2023


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~:~|~:~ Moria Fellowship Path ~:~|~:~
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Project Leader: @Mershy
Co-Leader: @barteldvn
Project Staff:
@DoctorDaom , @Wyattrox03 , @Joske50 , @Human100


So a quick update regarding Moria and what the overall plan is. So at the moment we currently have WestGate being worked on and that is going very well, almost nearing completion. This feeds into what happens afterwards...


Moria Plan with fellowship footprints

Green - TP Zone from Middle Moria to Upper Moria (Goblin Cave -> Upper Mines)
Red - TP Zone from Upper Moria back down to Middle Moria (21st Hall -> Crumbling Stairs)


Green - Areas that are of a good standard and/or wont be revamped (No new revamps in Moria)

Orange - Current areas that are being worked on

Red - Areas that need to be started, worked on or finished (Wyatt is also doing pre production to kick off great mines, just not orange quite yet)

Primary goal is fellowship path. Bottom line. Anything new/worked on in Moria will account towards finishing the path, I don't want to move resources ton areas off of the path.

Thats currently what we are up to so far. I want to stress that we wanna move forward and continue finishing the fellowship path, that is main priority. There might be potential for further dwarven projects inside Moria but after the primary goal is achieved.

Plenty of resourcepack development. We get small additions every so often that help elevate the detail and overall ruined look of Moria.

I am really excited especially after seeing the progress and quality we have managed to achieve in WestGate.

So timeline wise...we get WestGate finished up. Wyatt is doing some pre production for great mines so that will be the next major Moria project. Then we look to the other red areas along the path. There is also potential to add some ruin detail along where the footprints lie but I am undecided whether I want to pursue that or not.

Any questions or comments feel free to post below.


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Euh, im pretty sure 21st hall is definitly not finished at this point in time... why is it green?