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Contest Screenshot Editing Contest


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Media Team
~Screenshot Editing Contest~


Hey, welcome to MCME's newest screenshot contest!
This time it will be a different kind of screenshot competition, the theme will be editing.

Rules and information:
-Deadline will be 12:00AM midnight UTC on the 9th of May.
-You can only make 1 edit per screenshot.
-The edits will be judged by myself.
-You can only submit edits of the three original screenshots posted here.
-It will be the best edit per screenshot, so there could be three different winners.
-You could edit the sky, add in player renders, change up the tone of the shot to match the sky, crop if necessary, add a clean blur (but not over the focus), make minor adjustments to the contrast if you choose to do so, but none of these things will be required. You can edit them how you would like.
-If you have any questions, please ask me.

You can find the screenshots you have to edit below, send your edits under this post:




Staff member
Media Team
Thanks everyone for participating in the Screenshot Editing Contest!

It went better than I expected, there were some very nice and interesting edits. Here are the winners:

1st place for the 1st screenshot: @mattlego.

You don’t often see screenshots with snow edited in, so I was suprised to see this, but Matt did a very great job on it. The edit is original, it looks great, and it feels like your in a snow storm, can’t really ask for more. Bmax was also a close second with his snowy, christmas edit.


1st place for the 2nd screenshot: @Mershy

Another very original edit, this time by mershy with a very interesting diagonal crop, This screenshot could have been straight out of an old movie and it looks great! Definitely one of the better black and white edits I’ve seen. Well done Mershy!


1st place for the 3rd screenshot: @Emeryld.

This is what I wanted to see with this screenshots. A much better sky, nicer lighting and some blur/smoke in the backround, overall many improvements from the original shot. Well done!


Honorable mention to @EffieFrag with her edits that looked like art!