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Cancelled The_other_Wyatt Artist application


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The_other_Wyatt Artist Application

  • Date: I first joined Nov 22, 2020

  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: Regrettably I have not participated in any of these events.

  • Themed-builds: I have participated in a few theme builds and they are listed below.

  • Theme FFA Mansion/ cordinates are: 411,64,62,847 Built a jacobean style manor house

  • Theme Halloween/ coordinates are: 440,64,62090

  • Theme Moria baraks/ cordinates are: -150,64,61935

  • Additional Builds: I have made three builds on freebuild since I have become a commoner and the photos and descriptions of them are down below.

  • Your interests: Like anybody on this server, I have a great interest in the works of Tolkien. I particularly find Toliken's works appealing as opposed to other fantasy authors because of the historical realism he employed in his books. I also have a strong interest in history in general, particularly historical architecture. I'm no architectural historian but I still understand a great deal about the subject. For example, there is a great deal of baroque architecture in places in Gondor as well as some renaissance. I believe that having this understanding in this area would help me to create very realistic structures if I were to become an artist. I also could lend some creative Ideas on builds. Among other things, I take interest in stained glass. In fact, I’m actually an amateur glazier, a glazier being somebody that works with glass. I only make stained glass as a hobby yet I have come to learn quite a bit about the topic and surrounding topics. This too I believe would allow me to help the server. As on my exploration of the server I have come across many glass windows that simply put it should not be there due to various reasons related to the subject. Now I know that I am meant to be giving interests related to the server instead of what I wrote above and so I’ll begin that now. I find Gondorian architecture to be my favorite alongside that of the halfling builds and so I would be suited for these areas. I could however easily adapt to any other style such as dwarven if need be. To summarize, I believe that my interests outside the server should allow me to benefit any builds I make and I am most interested in the building styles of the races of men and hobbits of Middle Earth.

  • Your motivation: After seeing all the great builds that are already on the server I hope to add what I can to the world. I find myself most motivated because on this server the world of Tolkien or at least part of that world is being brought alive and I would be honored to contribute anything I can to it. I also find the community most impressive how such an organization can be achieved to create truly spectacular builds.

  • Note: My in-game user name is different than my profile name here this Is because I have not figured out how to change my profile name to my username. So to clarify my in-game username is (The_other_Wyatt) and my profile name for forums is (wya77_147).

This is the theme build FFA Mansion I based the house of Jacobean and Elizabethan manor house.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40507 PM 1

This is the grand hall in the same FFA Mansion theme build.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40323 PM

This theme build is Halloween and is a generic architecturally gothic castle.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40335 PM

This theme build was Dwarven barracks however I decided to make a roman style temple instead.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40344 PM

This is a house I made in freebuild and can be found in the far north left corner of the world.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40254 PM

This is a practice house I made in freebuild and this is right next to the house above.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40450 PM

This is my current project in freebuild it's an English manor house and is actually based of a real manor called: Blickling hall
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40405 PM

Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40415 PM

This is the kitchen in the manor house above in freebuild.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40436 PM

This is the master bedroom of the manor house above in freebuild.
Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 40425 PM


  • Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 4.03.44 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 4.03.44 PM.png
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  • Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 4.03.55 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 4.03.55 PM.png
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  • Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 4.05.07 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 4.05.07 PM.png
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Yo, just for ease of viewing, I'd recommend putting builds into their own imgur album similar to other Artist apps you can see. Makes posts more concise and easier to navigate rather than a bunch of big images all in the post. If you need help doing any of that, feel free to speak up and ask. We're here to help!


Staff member
Hey Wyatt77,

Thanks for applying for artist. Fun builds so far, but we really need to see you build in our server styles if we're to give you any meaningful feedback :)
Have a look at some of our latest projects (such as Pelennor, Harlond, Movie Cave, West Gate, Lond Daer) for inspiration, and give it a go!

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