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    100 Messages

    Posted 100 messages.
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    Secured Account

    Enabled Two-Step Verification. This surely will increase security on your account.
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    Browsing the website in the default style.
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    Steam Associated

    You linked your Steam account to the website, now you can find more friends to play with!
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    Three Year Membership

    You are registered for three years!
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    Two Year Membership

    You are registered for two years.
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    You received 100 likes.
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    I have screenshots to share!

    Uploaded 20 media items.
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    Associated Steam

    Associated your Steam account.
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    Associated Google Account

    You associated with your Google account. Now where is this + button?
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    Associated Twitter

    #muchswagforu #mcme #keepontweeting
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    Associated Facebook

    Associated your Facebook account. Keep sharing the luv! <3
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    My yearbook

    Posted 10 media items
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    One year membership

    Has been registered for a year.
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    Donated 20 USD

    Donated at least 20 USD in total.
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    Browsing the website with the new style!
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    Donated 10 USD

    User donated at least 10 USD in total. Alexander Hamilton approves.
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    First Message Posted

    Posted for the first time.
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    First Resource Submitted

    You submitted a resource.
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    Somebody likes you!

    Someone liked one of your posts.
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    Knight reporting for duty!

    You registered as male.
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    A little shy?

    You have no profile avatar, don't be shy! :)
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    I'm going on an adventure!

    Welcome to Middle-Earth! (Registered and logged in for the first time)