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    New Era of Moderation

    It's the ironic, passive ones that lurk the interwebz this day and age
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    Time for a break.

    Dyno, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to this community. I could not think any other person I could personally trust at the time of passing on the baton of Head Enforcer. I have always revered your dedication and commitment to helping people; where did...
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    MCME Nostalgia Thread

    Staff Class of 2010 / 2011'ish. The days of endless river digs, voxel nipples, Ventrilo phantoms, feather-flying and where shadeslayer was a constant meme. Thank @Fornad for finding this gem on AC discord
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    A goodbye from a Pants

    MCME thanks you for your time. Good luck with your future endeavours.
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    Goodbye Lads

    Someone discovered swipe right. Good luck with your future endeavours. MCME thanks you for your time.
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    Would you agree the old mcme has gone?

    Would you agree the old mcme has gone?
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    Two New Ranks Coming to MCME!

    I used that plan as toilet paper years ago
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    The Serbian History Appreciation Thread

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    A Whole New Music Thread

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    I hope you all the best, Finrod. You've done alot for this community for the numerous years you have been here. This may be a page in the countless chapters to your life you undergo, but if you do ever pass by, remember the good times and memories you've partaked in whilst being here...
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    What kinda of steak?

    Whenever I get around to it, I like to dry-rub a sirloin steak with salt, pepper and touch of paprika. Sear the steak and throw it in the oven for about 20'ish mins until medium rare... mmm
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    Commoners: A Free Nation

    Back in the day I locked a thread just like this.
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    Dirt conaisseur??

    Dirt conaisseur??