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  1. Lindolas

    Roel2005 Artist Application

    Pretty good. I see you've done the improvements. For the temple theme, I think you can remove the stalls completely. They wouldn't survive that long. And also considering how much the surrounding houses are ruind the temple could be ruined a just a bit more.
  2. Lindolas

    Custom inventory needed?

    He means this: To get those nice round arches you need to make a 3D model. But unlike itemblocks where your CPU get's hit, 3D textures will hit your graphics card.
  3. Lindolas

    Accepted MCME12 (xXThe12thXx) Artsit Application

    Your artist application is now under Watchlist, congratulations, you will be contacted privately by one of the Artist Committee on what you must do for your final challenge. Congrats @xXThe12thXx !
  4. Lindolas

    Accepted DoctorDaom Artist Application

    Build Challange: Temple /warp ArchitectureStyles under "Ancient Roman Architecture" @BWOT please check.
  5. Lindolas


    I've checked your theme builds and they are looking pretty good, especially exteriors. The Forsaken Inn is probably your best one with nice exteriors and also nice interiors. Watchtower also looks pretty good, but would try to improve the interiors a bit. Add some railing to the stairs, add some...
  6. Ost-in-Edhil


  7. Fort near Dol Amroth

    Fort near Dol Amroth

  8. Lindolas

    Stuck in local chat

    Yep :)
  9. Lindolas


    Just type /fly in the chat.
  10. Aelhroth


  11. North


    /warp north
  12. Lostfalls


  13. Lindolas

    Accepted DoctorDaom Artist Application

    Build Challange: House in Moria, /warp daombc @BWOT please check.
  14. Lindolas

    Accepted DoctorDaom Artist Application

    I agree. Congratulations Daom, you've been added to the watchlist.
  15. Lindolas

    Realism Guides ideas

    Another good idea for the realism guide would be the docs. Would be great if someone could write it.