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    New Head Developer

    Gz Eriol!
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    Brash's Mcme pack remastered (on pause)

    This would also be nice to include: Extra Grass (Model Resourcepack) - Resource Packs - Mapping and Modding: Java Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum
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    Hope to see you back soon.
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    Public Screenshot Thread

    Ruben under the "shader options" in Kuda, disable "chromatic aberration", looks better.
  5. Lindolas

    MCME Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    I suspected it was April's Fools :)
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    On Hold Rivendell

    The general idea is in the images and all the details are left for us to do. Here's another drawing: Rivendell looking west, unfinished sketch.
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    On Hold Rivendell

    Was just reading about Rivendell on wiki Rivendell - Wikipedia Under "Inspiration" is also this: "The homes, including the waterfalls flowing beneath them, bear a striking similarity to Beatenberg which is located in the same region." When I googled "Beatenberg" I found this image. Looks...
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    Going Away Thread

    He's from Sardinia. Snow is mostly in the northern regions of Italy, close to the alps. Climate of Italy - Wikipedia
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    JustJoren's Magical MCME shots ;

    JustJoren, Chocapic also has the V7 beta/rc1 versions to try: MediaFire Try the ultra/extreme rc1 and the beta versions
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    JustJoren's Magical MCME shots ;

    Sildur and Chocapic13 V6 from what I can see
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    ~Server Partners~

    Oh nice, Builder’s Refuge, I remember watching a couple of videos Keralis made there. This one was really nice.
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    Plotworld Ship Building

    Was just googling about Numenorean ships and found this:úmenórean-ships-and-or-Gondorian-ships-like
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    Going Away Thread

    I decided to take some rest from Minecraft. I'm not quitting, just taking some time off because I'm really burned out from building.
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    ~The MCME Times~ [25/02/18] Announcements

    Is there a plan to upgrade the current resource packs to 32x?
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    On Hold How to build the Eye of Barad-dûr?

    We should just use the books as a source. Also I'll leave this link here as I did on discord.