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Recent content by Lord_Boreale

  1. Lord_Boreale

    Your Opinion on New Moria

    Yeah, I think they were called the Barazinbar Deeps. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Lord_Boreale

    Themed Build Ideas

    How about: 1. Pelagir or Dol Amroth housing. (not sure how different pelagir would be from osgo but oh well) 2. Rhunic buildings. This is a totally different architecture to what we have seen on the server. 3. Beorn's House 4. Dwellings of the men around the bay of forochel.
  3. Lord_Boreale

    Least favorite parts of the Lore

    Maybe he was set up by the Illuminati!
  4. Lord_Boreale

    Finished Paths of the Dead

    I believe it's artists+ qreeperqiller. So if you want to help, apply for artist.
  5. Lord_Boreale

    Your Opinion on New Moria

    I think his point is that Moria feels like it was a city inhabited by dwarves, as opposed to just a series of long tunnels connecting huge empty halls. Also it would be cool to have locations such as the place where the balrog was discovered.