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Recent content by blocks119

  1. Screenshot From 2016-02-11 07-42-28

    Screenshot From 2016-02-11 07-42-28

    pelagir with SOO PRETTY! shaders
  2. blocks119

    so pretty!

    ooooo Yogile - Easy photo sharing!
  3. blocks119

    better seas?

    you can still place plants eg leaf blocks at the bottom
  4. blocks119

    My Goals

    awesome the comunity is beast! and i like the onsite plotbuild idea but i just have 1 question is there anywhere i can build a shipwreck?
  5. blocks119

    better seas?

    how about just the 100-200 blocks of shore as we work through the map
  6. blocks119

    better seas?

    just an idea but why not add areas of plants to the oceans like leaves and other plant like full blocks, you could even retexture something to look like corral i only say this as i was exploring and just being amazed at what this server comunity has accoumplished then i entered the ocean...
  7. blocks119

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    here is a bad river
  8. blocks119


    hi me again today we had another unscheduled river job for eriol , hope evryone enjoyed :) anyways heres the team pic <------------ thanks everyone for helping!:D it was a pleasure running it
  9. blocks119

    good job on the road you did good :D

    good job on the road you did good :D
  10. blocks119


    k got to add you
  11. blocks119


    hi blocks 119 here me and a group of adventurers and artists just built the road from ethring including a path up to a grand manor those who took part are : julianelijah77 ,Puffin4Tom ,DutchKnight1,artist WalpoleLegoMen,Andreh8,raf_the_eagle,artist blocks119, (me),RawrAndStuffz,daddlio , if...
  12. blocks119

    Accepted blocks119

    thx fin
  13. blocks119

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    Yogile - Easy photo sharing!
  14. blocks119

    Artist promotions / demotions