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  • Not quite tall enough for one of the Big People, though he made noise enough for one, slumping along with great yellow boots on his thick legs, and charging through grass and rushes like a cow going down to drink. He had a blue coat and a long brown beard; his eyes were blue and bright, and his face was red as a ripe apple, but creased into a hundred wrinkles of laughter.
    Hello! You may already be aware of this, but there is a bug in the mini games plugin I experienced yesterday. I was spectating the hide and seek games TeamPalladian was running and it did not recognize when the game was ended; the scoreboard just said something like "Next seeker: ?" and "Number of players: 0". After I relogged the scoreboard went away. I did confirm that it happened multiple times. Thanks!
    Gondor RP merge is almost done, only derp fixing in Pelargir and Dol Amroth left. I'm very confident you'll get that done before I'll be back next week. Thanks a lot to all who are helping!!!
    public static void main(String []args){
    String g = "Congrats Eriol My Man!";
    boolean deserves = true;
    system.out.println("Enter Rank Amount");
    int rankCount = user.nextInt();
    String[] ranks = new String[rankCount]
    for(int i = 0; i < rankCount; i++) {
    system.out.println("Enter Ranks");
    ranks = user.next();
    while(deserves == true){
    system.out.println("Congrats On Becoming Red Eriol!");
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    damn char count didn't let me add spaces in between so it looks so messy
    Can we put the barrels on the shulker texture like in the Moria RP? I think they look really good.
    Tbh Moria shulker box barrels are a real waste of blockstates. Each shulker box can be places in 6 directions, but you will probably never use that for the barrels.
    But we could copy the textures from Moria to Gondor pack ofc. We still have many free block states.
    I mean we can also have varying directions of barrels, such as on their side.
    Got a new graphics card. Working smoothy :)
    Well I didn't meant to update my status daily, but... seems that my computer is broken, it freezes after a few minutes again and again.
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